Airbrushing 101 - Alessandra Ambrosio Edition

Now, I don't want to take this out on Alessandra Ambrosio (it's more against airbrushing than against her near-godly body), but she seems to have no problem making me feel like shit so here goes:

Airbrushing. Look, she has an amazing physique, but she's not flawless. She has some lumps and bumps and less-that-perfectly-flat tummy (gasp!) -- things that make all of us human (granted, not as much as most humans have...!)

Look at candid paparazzi shots of her vs: airbrushed Victoria's Secret images from their catalog.

As Kaity Stardust of one of my favorite blogs, Jewelry Dose Daily pointed out, she looks amazing in all the photos, airbrushed or not, which is true - I'm not saying she isn't a goddess of physical beauty, but she's human, and naturally looks like a human, where as in the catalogs shes perfectly smooth and flat and toned, which no one, not even a Brazilian supermodel or any of the other most beautiful women in the world, can be in real life! We can't all have airbrushers perfecting our photos, so we should be happy to look the way we look.



  1. I don't see anything wrong with her body in the paparazzi shot. The natural lighting causes harsh shadows that are unflattering. I do agree that all models are usually air-brushed and they do have some flaws. I just don't see any sagging. Like, if you think THAT is sag... you definitely don't want to see me in a bikini lol. <3

  2. Hi Renata - just checked out this post! You're the best for posting this. I think its important to show how lighting can really change a photo. In the VS ads, these girls look like hard plastic (obviously no one really looks like that). I think its important for girls everywhere to see pictures like this that, while they still look gorgeous, do not look contrived. I'm definitely feelin' this post! : ) <3 melissa of JDD

  3. I agree completely. If only it were possible to airbrush yourself while walking around in real life... ah, that would be nice. LOL. :D

  4. haha the last comment is really true :)
    but she has an amazing body..that is also oh so true..

  5. You also have to understand that models go on strict diets a week or two before a shoot to lose that one or two pounds of fat, and then return back to their regular everyday diet. Also, don't forget that dreaded food baby.

  6. I don't understand why models feel the need to lie about their measurements.. Alessandra Ambrosio is supposedly 112 lbs. at 5'10" with measurements of 34-23-34 according to her own website. No, sorry, but that's not accurate.. I weigh almost as much at 100 lbs. standing at just 5'4" tall with measurements of 34-22-35. And I look a great deal leaner than her in every photo that I take from any angle.. If models can lie about their measurements, why can't I lie about my height and get higher paying jobs? Yes, I am bitter. And you would be too if someone came up to you at least two to three times a week including industry professionals and told you that you're stunning and that you should "go big".. Until they realize your height. -_-


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