Women Then:

Gitta Krange

Eddie Sedgwick

Gloria Vanderbilt

These are some gorgeous images from Jerry Schatzberg's new photography book Women Then: Photographs 1954-1969.

I like how many of his photos are simple, stark and raw, and show his subjects as powerful and self assured. So much of fashion photography these days (and I do honestly hate to sound like one of those people that ballyhoos the past as the only right way, because I so don't think that) show these meek, emaciated women in awkward, weak poses with blank, expressionless faces and no soul or energy. There's something to be said for a woman who can really convey her true, timeless strength in a picture and a photographer who choose to capture it.

By the way, does anyone know who Gitta Krange is?? She's fascinating, but I can't find any information on her...!


Jasmine by JR Mankoff

I love this photo because it really gives you a glimpse into this woman's soul. I'm not sure who she is (other than the fact that her name is Jasmine) but JR Mankoff's photograph of her depicts her as natural, utterly feminine, sexy, defiant, and even slightly haunted. I think its one of the most beautiful photos I've seen in a while.

What do you think?


Where to go in Paris

Clearly, I want to go to Paris this winter -- what place could be more chic and more romantic.

Shakespeare and Company Book Shop, Le Comptoir de Madame Tomate, Pierre Herme Macaroons

Happy Holidays everyone!


Happy Sunday! John Wind/Maximal Art GIVEAWAY!

Since it's a rainy, dreary Sunday here in Philadelphia (that can only be spent dying my hair and then going to the mall for some holiday shopping) I decided to spread some sunshine and finally do the John Wind/Maximal Art giveaway.

I was given this beautiful little charm necklace to give away to my readers, and I almost don't want to do so, but I'm a girl of my word, so it's up for grabs!

Its such a cute, delicate and feminine piece that looks great on its own but I think is just perfect for layering, channeling that Rumi Neely/Nicole Richie/Olsen Twins boho-chic style that we fashionistas love so much.

One of my favorite things about the piece in the Maximal Art collection are the attention to tiny details, like the glamorous but subtle little rhinestone detail at the back closure. It's something that really only the wearer and maybe the wearers boyfriend who fastens the necklace on will notice, but I love things like that -- their almost kind of a secret between the jewelry designer and the wearer.

All you have to do to win is two-fold:

1.)Be a follower of my blog, either (or both!) on Google Friend Connect (click "follow" at the top tool bar) or with with Blog Lovin'
2.) Take a look at my last post on John Wind HERE and tell me which piece was your favorite by commenting on this Giveaway post!

I can ship this anywhere in the US, so anyone with a State-side address can enter!

Good luck, and I look forward to seeing your faves from John Wind/Maximal Art.


ATTN: Friends and Family - My Holiday Wish List

My Fat-Chance, Not-Gunna-Happen-But-A-Girl-Can-Dream, Fingers-Crossed Holiday Wish-List:

Loeffler Randall Lula Side Zip Platform in snake-embossed leather, $695 on loefllerrandall.com

If these serpentine platform booties are as hard to walk in as the designer’s name is to pronounce, this girl is going to be in critical condition. But with shoes this impossibly chic, it’s a risk I’m willing to take. The gold-toned snake print is right on trend this season as animal prints surface once again, and every femme fatale should receive a pair this holiday season.

Blow By Blow, by Detmar Blow. $19.80, Amazon.com

Isabella Blow was one of fashions true geniuses. She was fascinating, eccentric, daring. She was one of the few lucky people that commanded Anna Wintour’s respect, and her loss was a true “blow” to the fashion world. In this new biography written by her husband, he gives us a real, intimate glimpse into her life and mind, her aristocratic childhood and her journey from assistant to the Editor at Vogue to Fashion Director at Tatler and muse and muse to many of the great designers of our time. Reading about this fantastic, yet very tragic beauty will be a real adventure, and I can’t wait to live vicariously through her outrageous hats!

$165 from Garbage Bag Dress on Etsy

This gorgeous, hand-made leather harness by Garbage Bag Dress can be worn beneath or on top of clothing and adds a bit of a tough, sexy edge to an everyday outfit. I wouldn’t recommend wearing this to the library or the coffee shop, but worn correctly, you can definitely transform a plain old LBD for cocktails or wear with a white oxford shirt and a blazer for an old-world Gothic look.

Devon Leigh Dark Blue Drusy Ring, $445, Endless.com

This chunky, Cleopatra-approved cocktail ring by jewelry designer and girl’s-best-friend Devon Leigh Sedlacek is decadent, organic, and looks like it belongs in a museum! The ornate gold setting plays off of the beautiful deep blue Agate Drusy stone that it hugs, and each one varies, so they are all one of a kind. Plus, you know it’s a winner when you start planning a party (and an outfit) just so you can have the perfect occassion to wear it.
Faux-Fur Lined Capelet, $218.00, Apartstyle.com

Even though Paul Rudd in Role Models (wrongfully) said “People Tend to Avoid People in Capes”, how wonderfully wonderful is this one from Apartstyle.com? And the best part is, it's FAUX! No cute, fuzzy, snuggly animals were harmed in the making of this amazing cape. It’s great for layering, and the waist-sinching belt is perfect for creating a sexy hourglass figure even when you’re wrapped and rolled in a veritable burrito of winter clothing.

Giant Gummy Bear, $12 Fredflare.com

Umm, this is cute and delicious!! I know it’s not wearable, but we fashionista’s gotta eat, right?? This gummy bear is 88 times the size of your everyday, run-of-the-mill chewy treat, and that is a timesaving goodie that us busy gals on the go can appreciate.
 Fiora Heels, $149, Rachel Rachel Roy on rachelroy.com

Loves. It. These. I know its like the dead of winter, but I think I deserve these....anyone care to differ? Hi-liter colors, plastic, AND spikes. These are the perfect colors to get one (me?) out of the winter doldrums. They make me long for a sunkissed tan, a mini-dress, a beachy destination, and these shoes!!!! Someone help me!

Axle Asymmetric Maxi Dress, $80, us.allsaints.com

Definitely NOT to be worn after holiday eating. Demi sheer, stretch body con maxi dress with asymmetric neck and arm detail. Awesome for layering, and I see this going great with my new Loeffler Randell snake-print booties and my Garbage Bag Dress body harness that some kind philanthropist (mom? dad?) will be buying me this holiday season.

Toy Watch Glow in the Dark Plasteramic Chronograph from saks.com, $191 - on sale!

I would definitely be the coolest kid on the block with this darkness-fighting Toy Watch. I love how bold and in your face Toy Watch watches are - everything from the color to the shape is totally fearless, and now you don't have to be afraid of the dark, either! Plus, all of those near and dear to me complain that I am always late (only fashionably so, I assure you), so this might benefit us all.

I also love this style:
Toy Watch Disco Colored Dial Watch in Neon Orange, on sale for $156 at saks.com

American Apparel Wool Cape, $155, americanapparel.net

It kind of reminds me of Hogwarts, and I like that. Enough said. It comes in tan, as well, which would be my preference, so I could channel the lady-like elegance of Grace Kelly or the equestrian sensibility of Charlotte Casiraghi.

Green Turban Beanie, $38 - oaknyc.com

I love hats, and this one is functional as a very warm winter accessorie, but its a real standout as well. Its a beanie with a twist - literally! Right there on the front...see it? As I mentioned to my favorite jewelry bloggers, Kaity and co. at Jewelry Dose Daily, I have the perfect jeweled brooch that I scored in a random antique furniture shop in Milan that I would plant right in the center.

Ok, almost at the end. I'm sure by now you've gotten a lot of inspiration for a lovely gift for me (hehehe?) but here are a couple more things I covet:

Chanel Inimitable Mascara, $30 from Neiman Marcus 

Three Stud Ring by Barbara Gongini, $77 on idontlikemondays.com 

Apollo Precision Tool Kit in Baby Pink, $43.50 on Amazon.com

But of course, I will be happy just spending time with my lovely friends and family this holiday season. (Rules and Restrictions May Apply.)

Love you all,

John Wind is a Girl's Best Friend

As I mentioned, last Saturday I spent a couple hours close to heaven when I went to Joan Shepp for the John Wind/Maximal Art trunk show. Every surface, case and tray was covered in gorgeousely glitzy, "modern vintage" jewels, charms and chains -- could life be sweeter?

 I loved these rustic-looking agate pendents with beautiful wild animals. They tie closed with gorgeous Scottish-inspired tartan ribbon.

 The larger-than-life John Wind (literally! He's like 6'5"!) with Tuesday, wearing a three-stone agate necklace.

 A lifetime supply of cute charms to personalize your jewelry.

A Clockwork Orange - funky post-modern clock pendent.

 Another clock pendent, this time industrial-looking. Perfect with a black cashmere sweater-dress. Just saying.

 This bracelet is another favorite. It's so feminine and fun, and the chunky chain makes in bold.

 The staging area - John was making personalized size adjustments while customers shopped around the store.

 John looking very distinguished, indeed.

There was something for everyone at the trunk show - post-modern clock-work necklaces and pendants, sparkly feminine bracelets, sensual chunky agate necklaces with gold animals, big statement-making chains, and charms with letters, astrological signs and bling for those wishing to create their own memorable pieces. Every piece is made in the USA and has the feel of a precious heirloom -- truly modern-vintage.

John also has a small collection of charms to benefit ActionAIDS - 50% of all sales are donated to help with HIV/AIDS service. Here's a peek at those:

Each one can be worn as a necklace or bracelet! The key represents opening a mysterious door to a cure. Good thing finding the cure could be so chic?

Stay tuned for a John Wind/Maximal Art Giveaway later in the weekend!! You won't want to miss it :)



Merci is a super-mignon (that's super-cute for all you non-francophones) shop in Paris. I love their name, and their mascot - a little old bug.

111 boulevard Beaumarchais
75003 Paris
Tel : 01 42 77 00 33

I want to go to Paris and discover cute little boutiques!! Now that's a Christmas wish!!!


photos from Chic Shopping Paris and Morning By Foley,