London's Vertical Fashion Show

This is what it takes to get noticed and sell clothes in today's Age of Overload and A.D.D.

This past September marked the second High Street Fashion Week, which was held "above" London's Oxford Circus on Oxford Street, which is Europes busiest shopping street. But to redefine the meaning of "high street" from "everyday" to "WTF", they couldn't throw a regular old fashion show, could they?

So this year instead of models, they used professional stuntwomen. And instead of a catwalk, they used the sides of buildings. Kind of makes sense.

Models/Stuntwomen wore looks from HMV, River Island, H&M, and French Connection as they descended from rooftops suspended from body harnesses and wearing 5 inch wedge heels.

I guess they were trying to top last year's subway tube fashion show, which was another extreme - below ground.


And in August, a department store in Seoul, Korea, celebrated its opening by holding an underwater fashion show. Models swam around tanks while wearing traditional Hanbok dresses by designer Park Sul-nyeo.

While I love all the envelope pushing and risk taking, I feel like the words "Fashion Show" are being thrown around a little too some point this becomes literally more of a circus than a fashion show! Is this what it takes to get noticed in today's overload of talent and genius? I feel like one day in the not-to-distant-future, a plain old catwalk runway show is going to be so far from the norm that that will be shocking.

Opinions? Epionions? I'm dying to hear if you love it or hate it.


Photos from Refinery29, Jezebel, UK Metro


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Lobo Mau Fashion Show

The Lobo Mau fashion show at Vincent Michael Gallery was last night. It was so much fun, and there was a great turn out! Every single seat was filled and there were even people standing to see the models walk the runway in Lobo Mau designs and Scorpion Disco jewelry! Here are a few photos from behind the scenes.

 Backstage pre-show craziness

The concept behind the show was Brazilian Street Wear, so the clothes evoked a real industrial feel - a couple of the dresses were brick-patterned, and the colors were unexpected neutrals - Grey (actually it was more of a "greige"), slate, pops of green, subdued reds, slashed black leggings overlaid on red stockings -- Definitely street smart.

 Xeina getting her hair done. The hair was tough, tousled bedhead.

 Megin Stein of Leifsdottir was one of the models!

 Ready to go, shoes in hand.

 Pieces on the rack waiting for round two.

 Models talking nail care. 

 Amanda of Dock Street Brewery was on hand to serve drinks to the thirsty and fashionable.

Sophie of S0fancy Blog was one of the models. Check out the body harness, made by Scorpion Disco 

 As for the jewelry, the look was hard-edged. Copper pipes, heavy chains, and body harnesses were paired with many of the outfits. The pieces were simple, but were truly statement-making and eye-catching. I'm very proud of them!!

All in all, it was exhausting but well worth it. Everyone had a drink in hand and a smile on their face, and it was a wonderful night!!

Day One of Philadelphia Fashion Week - Delicious!

Delicious Boutique was really a surprise hit for me. I had briefly checked out the website before the show, and I was like "Ok, another gothic-wannabe corset shop". But seeing the clothing on the runway actually did the opposite of what haute-couture runways shows do, and that is it showed me that these super sexed up pieces can be mixed into my wardrobe and vamp up an otherwise toned down wardrobe. If you don't want to wear a corset out on the streets (which...I don't) you can wear one over a flowy dress to accentuate the waist, or wear a fitted leather vest with plain - but sleek- black leggings.

And if you haven't been hitting the gym regularly (which...I don't), you can still add some street-style edginess to your outfit with killer Delicious belts and holsters. They are a little pricey, but I mixed in some high-fashion images of similar styles which make the Delicious ones seem like a steal.

Check it out:

 This is like a cross-body fanny pack that would get the Hell's Angel's Nod of Approval.

 This is actually a leather hoodie with cut-out shoulders! You can wear it with any old top to instantly vamp up an ordinary outfit. Although I thought this particular outfit was very Italian Street-Style.

Here it is on the website-

Jan Hilmer Hoodie Gloves, $407.

This was definitely a memorable look. Donnie Darko meets Jesse James, oui?

Love the shoulder-holster! Its a military-inspired purse of sorts - each side has a pouch large enough for a cell phone, wallet, or grenade. Here's a photo from the website -

Skin.Graft Leather shoulder holster, $198,  Delicious Boutique

It reminds me of this Alexander Wang Vest Bag that was going for $850 last season, so I guess its somewhat of a steal at Delicious.
images via handbagdujour

There were a couple of other drool-worthy accent pieces that I will honestly, truly consider buying, or finding a non-leather alternative for (remember I mentioned here that I want to stop buying leather?)

 SkinGraft Bridle Harness, $220

Like the one Hanny Gaby Odiele was photographed wearing outside of Alexander Wang this September in NYC!
image via jakandjil

This is the Piece-Du-Resistance for me. 
I. Love. It.
It's badass AND versatile -

Jungle Tribe: Ms. Money Penny Belt, $298

Here's the description on the website: 

This belt can be worn how you want, as shoulder holster, leg holster, or over the shoulder as a bag. The 2 leg straps can be strapped on almost anywher, making for a plethora of ways to be born. Get creative with it... really, I want you to show me the rad number of ways it can be worn.
You will have the classiness of Ms. Money Penny, the intrigue of Agent 99, and the hardcore badass of Malory Knox. 


So there you have it. Please expect to see me wearing some variation of a harness/fanny pack/holster in the near future.