As a wise, pencil-thin, butter-blond jewish stylist once said, "DO YOU DIE?"

Faux-Fur Lined Capelet, $218.00, Apart
How wonderfully wonderful is this cape from And the best part is, it's FAUX! Yes, it's true, I support animal rights. I recently became FULLY vegetarian (before I was a Vegetarian minus chicken) and I have stopped buying leather products. It was something I have been thinking about for a while, but I recently heard a Temple Grandin interview on the radio (sidebar - How many awards did Claire Danes win for playing her on the HBO special this year??).

 Claire Danes as Temple Grandin

She is an autistic woman who fights for animal rights, especially for animals that are raised as food, and she said some pretty freaky stuff. I won't repeat here, because it's frankly gross, but let me just say that I won't be buying leather or fur anymore. For real!!! Well, I'll try.

It can be a real challenge to get high-quality, durable, nice-looking and nice-feeling clothing and shoes that are animal-friendly, but the thrill-of-the-chase is underrated. Anyway, before I get too preachy, here are some more views of this gorgeous, faux-fur cape.

ps - the above quote is from Rachel Zoe. Obviously.

pps - check out APARTSTYLE.COM for some really great, on-trend, affordable pieces! Can you say "studded sweaters?"


Shower Shoes

These are the perfect shower shoes. I don't know why I haven't seen more of these around Philadelphia.

I'd love to walk a mile in these shoes.

Plenty of fish in the sea.

Give a man a fish he can eat for a day, give a man a fish flip flop....he can get "grilled" to death walking down the mean streets of Philadelphia!


Ninety Nine Problems

Ladies and Gay Gentlemen,

I'd like to inform ye that these shoes are on their way into my possession:

Yes, the Jeffrey Campbell 99 boot in Grey Snake. Mine. Allllll mine!!!

You know, as much as I like to consider my style classically eccentric, I don't have any statement shoes (my red plastic 5 inch cartoon-looking platform heels from a school field trip to France literally disintigrated this summer....Womp wooooompppp), until NOW! Well, until 3-5 business days from now. Expect to see a lot of em.


Nom Nom Nom

Let's face it. Cupcakes are the new black. I don't think I need to elaborate. You can buy 'em for a few bucks a pop, or you can grit your teeth, poise your icing bag, and hit up the scrumptious blog Ming Makes Cupcakes to cop some of her yummy recipes, or just drool over the fastidiously crafted, expertly documented delicacies.

Check out these works of fine art:

Here's to the end of Bikini Season!


Complex Geometries

Clayton Evans, Canadian designer and founder of Complex Geometries has been making amazingly fluid, shapeless, clean - and often unisex - cotton and mesh tees, tanks, and dresses since 2005. Think of the line as a no-rules, no-holds-barred take on minimalist fashion : many pieces can be worn in several different ways - backwards, inside-out, side-ways - which really allows people of all shapes, sizes, genders, and styles to be able to be able to relate to his clothes.

brume hoodie, $172.00 - long sleeve oversized signature sheer mesh hoodie. one size. available in black or grey. hand wash cold. shown with long line leggings (on her) and tall jeans (on him)

This summer, Complex Geo, along with 30 other designers from 13 different countries, participated in the White T-Shirt Project, which challenged designers to change the way we, as a global community, view the plain white tee.

Clayton Evans' interpretation positions the white t-shirt as a cross-cultural connector. The idea is literally displayed in an original design -- a t-shirt for two. Or one, if you're not into sharing.

Tee for Two

For the White T-Shirt Project, Evans and the Complex Geometries gang has paired with Tommy Ton to create this gorgeous shoot featuring white t-shirts from the line against a gorgeous, stark background of the perfect blue sky. The images are just too beautiful not to post, and should provide yet another argument to Wear White After Labor Day.

Gorgeous, Eh??


Tilda cows come home

God I love Tilda Swinton. I am at once fascinated, repulsed, and in complete awe of her. She's one of those geniuses who just exudes a sense of godliness, other-wordliness, and Old-World sage and wisdom. You can just feel it!!

Ever since I saw I Am Love, which was a very strange movie (would you expect any less of her?), I have just been fascinated by this creature who was once named one of the World's Best Dressed Women by Vanity Fair. I mean, the lady is an a polyamorous relationship with two men!! (On her relationship/s - "It’s the way we have been for nearly four years. I’m very fortunate. It takes some extraordinary men to make a situation like that work.") She's a mother - to twins, a boy and a girl, who live with her and her husband in Scotland, when she is not off traveling with her younger lover.

She went to school with Princess Di and has two Honorary Doctorates. She's bizarre enough to perform in a live-art exhibit where she lived in a glass case for an entire week.

And you know what else? Shes a Scorpio!

Adorable Models Run Rampant, Citizens Rejoice

How like....cute!!!!! Perfect shot of two fashion vixens in haute couture acting like adorable little high school girls!

Chanel Iman and Karlie Kloss for the Fashion's Night Out PSA, held earlier in the summer. 

For those of you that somehow, magically, clumsily don't know, FNO was September 10th (or as I like to say, The Day I Saw Lagerfeld)


Fall is in the Air

Top : HM
Leggings : New York and Co
Boots : Delias from 10 years ago (!!)
Necklace  :Made it myself from a colletion of international coins
Hat : random

Today was the PERFECT Fall day. It was just cool enough to wear a light sweater and some fingerless gloves, inspired by my recent brush with Le Lagerfeld.

Fall just feels like such a relief - I cant wait to wear more leggings with tunics, tons of boots, my felt Marlboro-man hat, and layers! I wanna be the fashion equivalent of nachos - layered up and delicious. And fattening. But in a good weigh way.

Love you guys. I mean it.


OH and DONT forget - Follow me on Bloglovin', bbs!!!

The God's Alligned at FNO, and I Saw Unkle Karl.

Guys. Might I just precede this story by reiterating that all I wanted from Fashion's Night Out this year was to see Karl Lagerfeld. I told everyone with ears and within earshot that I was "going to NYC to see Karl Lagerfeld". So, I get to the Chanel store on 5th Ave, and promptly ask every employee there if Karl would be coming. They all said no. Actually, it was more of a smarmy "MM, no, he's doing other things tonight" with a look equal parts annoyed and pitying.

So, I reluctantly left and my friend and I went over to Burberry for some champagne and shopping, and we were legitimately milling around, doing nothing. We finally left and walked out the store and I noticed a huge throng of people crushing around a white haired figure, and realized it was KARL LAGERFELD!! I walked out of Burberry at exactly the moment that his limo pulled up and he strode out into a crowd of admirers, dutifully shadowed by his broodingly handsome boyfriend du jour Baptiste Giabiconi. I hung up my cell phone on a friend and threw it into the road to snap some impromptu photos, which are not of the best quality but still go to show that I lived to see my hero, Karl Lagerfeld.

And in case you're wondering, he is actually less attractive in person, but not as old looking. And he emanates a palpable excellence.

I also saw Chris Benz, Karolina Kurkova, Jessica Szohr (who is SO breathtakingly stunning in person, although I don't think she looks any kind of pretty on Gossip Girl) and Dakota Fanning.

Kurkova and Benz doing Bingo at Saks (such a random string of words, oui?)
Charlotte Ronson at Saks

Benz and Szohr (wearing a Chris Benz dress)

Fanning and Szohr (notice she did an outfit change for her appearance at Prada with Dakota)

It was a great night, and I will definitely go back next season, although I will certainly plan better.

My check-list for next FNO:
A map with all the boutiques I need to visit clearly indicated and routes drawn up according to distance, traffic patterns, and length of travel.
A Metropass and a local to help me navigate
A dependable camera.
A credit card with no limit.
Fingerless gloves so Karl and I can have something to talk about.

A Dieu,

Trailor Trash Chic

Trashy-Chic. California-born, Texas-raised Ashley Smith, a member of the Gap-toothed, Big-Chested Beauty Club along with Lara Stone and Georgia Jagger, modeled for Russh Magazine in 2009.

Keeping it classy.


Luck be a Lady

Vintage Moss in Vogue Italia, October 1992.


The Quintessential Fall Outfit

This is one of the looks from the Dior F/W 2010 show, and is the PERFECT fall ourfit. I love the mix of Loose and Chunky vs. Fitted and Sultry, and these elements all come together in a very whimsical way. Here's the scenario in which I see this outfit being put to use:

Lazing around in bed under a big fur blanket, by the fire, with a handsome lumberjack type, in a shabby-chic log cabin deep in the Enchanted Forest (somewhere in the French countryside), and throwing on a sweater to go into the kitchen and make some hot cocoa to drink in bed. Leave the Bed-Head. Throw on some boots and voila, you are suddenly transported to a runway in Gaie Paris.

And for those of you who are into the whole Dickensian, in an Oliver Twist, Please Sir, I want some Mo-ore! thing,

Another of my favorites from the show:

Here are some ideas on how to get the look for less:

  BB Dakota Branson Cardigan Sweater, $85

Topshop, $90

American Eagle, $60

DKNY, $275


Slip, Calypso St. Barth

 Ruched With Love Socks in Heather $18 Nasty Gal

Ruffle Front sweater, $148, Anthropologie

Dress, $168 Anthropologie

"Middle of the Road" boots, $198, Anthropologie - the perfect, Old-World, lived-in and loved boots!



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