Hotel Esmerelda

Jane Birkin, Dog, and and the eponymous Hermes Birkin Bag outside of the Hotel Esmerelda


Lately I've been really missing Sicily. My mom was born there, and I used to go every year, and its been over 2 so far...! Plus, I talked to my cousin Melinda over there on MSN for an hour the other days, and she reminded me of the beautiful summers I used to have with her and the whole gang of gorgeous, suntanned, inherently stylish-to-the-bone paesani.

I'm posting some photos of how beautiful, dramatic, sensuous and mysterious Sicilian women are!

Ice Cream and a Moped...quintessentially Sicilian. From

A Veiled Sicilian Actress from a National Geographic Spread on Sicily. I still see this magazine turn up in various rooms around our house, even though its over a decade old by now.

 Also from NatGeo. What I love about this photo is that even though she is hardly in this photo, the woman is one of the main players in this scene, and although your eye is directed towards the old gentleman, you are still very much aware of the woman walking through the door, and you can tell that the old man is too. Well played, National Geographic.

From Michael Robert's book, Shot in Sicily, in collaboration with Vanity Fair.

From Swedish artist Stina Persson's collection of paintings of Sicilian Women

 Madonna in Dolce and Gabanna's 2010 Ad Campaign for the Miss Sicily Bag, below

Monica Belluci for Dolce and Gabanna Sicily

Maria Grazia Cucinotti

Monica Belluci in Malena, a movie where she plays a sexy, tortured single woman in a fox-den of lusty Sicilian and their jealous wives.

Sicilian Actress/Model Margareth Made

Valeria Solarino at the Hotel Timeo in Palermo, photo from NYTimes

Adriano Giannini and Solarino on Mazzaro Beach in Taormina

At Villa Mon Repos

And of course, some everyday Sicilians -

My cousin Melinda and her mom Nunziella

My cousins Melinda, Melania, and Me!

My mom and Melinda on Vulcano, one of the Aeolian Islands.

Thats all for now, I'm longing for Sicily even more than when I started? Even though I wasn't born there, I feel so Sicilian, it's overpowering!! Do you guys have a place like that, somewhere special that you know you belong to? Share plz!


Victoria Beckham in Vogue Turkiye

Guys...sorry I've been legit MIA, I arrived in Turkey a week ago, and I've been busy bothering people who otherwise have stuff to do. The weddings coming up soon, and I've been trying on the dresses and tasting wedding cakes, but everything is under control thanks to my dude and his lovely parents who made all the arrangements!!

Anyway, I was in the supermarkey this morning and spotted the new Vogue Turkiye with Victoria B on the cover. Check it --

Pretty classic VB, with long hair and a slightly softer face, but lovely as ever!!

The photo shoot has the feel of a paparazzi-fueled glimpse into the glitterati-life of the rich and famous, which isn't a new concept by any means, especially not for Victoria Beckham, but again, lovely. Just not eart-shattering or groundbreaking, oui?

I didn't bring that many clothes here, so not many outfit posts, but Ill try my best to post more often. Hope everyone is doing really well!


HM Garden Collection

Love this dress from the HM Garden Collection. Best $20 I ever spent. Its a little short, and a lot see-through, so I have to wear a slip under it, which is wonderfully old fashioned. But its such a gorgeous, delicate color, and I love to throw in some contrast with a wide brown belt and wooden sandals.

Dress - HM
Belt - F21
Shoes - Circa Joan and David
Ring - Scorpiondisco - Buffalo horn and Silver


Stereo Love by Edward Maya

Here are some images from my all-time favorite euro-trash summer song -- Stereo Love by Edward Maya. SUCH a great song, and really makes me want to be on the Mediterranean sea with my significant other...which I will be soon!!

Stereo Love - Edward Maya ft. Vika Jigulina

Yeah for a wife-beater, undies and rain boots!!!

Hope you're all having a great, SUMMERY summer!!


I Covet my Neighbor's LipStick

All I ask for is....Chanel Rouge Allure Super #167. CANNOT find it anywhere!!! It was SUPER (no pun intended...FML) limited edition, and I want it soooooo badlyyyy! I tried to buy the floor sample the other day and was shunned. Help!!!

Anyone know where/how I can get this?!