Power Couple

One of my very favorite power couples, Lapo Elkann and Bianca Brandolini d'Adda. They are both so chic, rich, perfect, Italian, and clearly self-absorbed. Yet I find myself fascinated..! 

Love em:

(Quintessentially Italian Photo.)

Being so hot and yet looking so stupid. 

From Vanity Fair's Portraits of Fortune's Children

Born: October 7, 1977, in New York City. Parents: Fiat heiress Margherita Agnelli and novelist Alain Elkann. Siblings: Fiat vice-chairman John Elkann and Ginevra Elkann, vice president of Pinacoteca Giovanni e Marella Agnelli museum in Turin. Residences: “Turin is a family house, Milan is my flat, Paris is my flat, New York is my flat.” Education: Sainte-Croix des Neiges in the French Alps, Lycée Charlemagne in Paris, London Guildhall University. Occupation: Entrepreneur and designer; founder of Italia Independent fashion brand and Independent Ideas advertising agency. Can be found at: L’Esplanade in Paris, Bar Pitti in N.Y.C., Caffè Mulassano in Turin. Causes: “Italy and Israel”; Tel Hashomer hospital, in Tel Aviv; international ambassador for Italy’s Triennale Design Museum. Quote: “Life is complicated and hard, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot find time, energy, passion, and love to be delivered to others.”

Born: June 25, 1987, in Paris. Parents: Count Ruy and Countess Georgina Brandolini d’Adda. Home base: Paris. Family residences: Geneva; Rio de Janeiro; Trancoso, Brazil. Heritage: Her grandfather Brando Brandolini d’Adda descended from a noble Venetian family with its own palazzo on the Grand Canal; her grandmother Cristiana is a sister of the late Fiat chairman Gianni Agnelli; her maternal grandfather was Prince Jean-Louis de Faucigny-Lucinge. Education: Institut du Marais–Charlemagne Pollès; currently at Studio Pygmalion acting school in Paris. Idols: Natalie Portman and Brigitte Bardot. Can be found at: Front row at the Giambattista Valli show. Quote: “I would love to have children with the guy I love and then many, many, many years later get married to him. I think it would be very romantic to close our lives with a wedding." 


I give them another couple months.


Jourdan Dunn

I love these photos of Jourdan Dunn from Vogue's all-Black issue, "Black Spring". I know shes a "big deal" because shes a "black model", but I just love her because shes beautiful and enables photographs that have a ton of emotion and a lot going on under the glossy surface of beauty. You know what I mean?

Trivia - The London-born supermodel recently became a mommy at age 19, and in 2008 was the first black model to walk to Prada runway in 10 years.

So anyway, not to get all preachy, but - we should celebrate beauty and achievement no matter what the skin color! I wish one day, skin color would be a non-issue, like something that wasn't even relevant to mention or notice. Do you think that will ever happen? Although, I do recognize that there is a significant portion of the fashion-world that is underrepresented and they would like to open a page from a magazine and say "Hey that looks like me!" (or, "Hey, I wish I looked like that!"). Anyway, input please!!


Marloes Horst

I just recently learned how to say Doutzen Kroes, and thanks to my very straight male friend Rex (I hope you are reading this...but you're too straight, so you're not.) , I now know how to correctly pronounce Gerard Butler. But I diverge.


How gorgeous, sunny, girl-next-door (you wish!) perfect is Marloes Horst!? Don't take my word on it though...feast your eyes:

 In a British Elle editorial, January 2007. Photographed by Valerie Phillipa.

Who's That Lady

I'm going to be featuring some of my fave bloggers, and I'm going to start with adorable Greek fashion blogger, travel afficionado, student, and my official Hair Idol, Mary Jane Girl

(skirt mango, floral dress worn as shirt zara, tally weijl heels, vintage belt)

(Jacket mango, jeans h&m, shoes zara, scarf tally weijl, vintage fred perry bag, sunglasses new yorker, knitted ring from Portugal)   

(blazer zara, vintage dress and shoes)

(ZARA shoes, mango shorts, vintage knit)

(jacket and skirt ZARA, shirt pull and bear, shoes stradivarious, bag vintage souvenir/memoir from the azores)

(leopard print knit ZARA, H&M jeans and top)
 MJ's style is a what I would describe as "high-fashion-girl-next-door", and most importantly, she doesn't seem to take herself too seriously - her photos are lighthearted and cheerful and that makes her blog a true delight to peruse.

Here's some trivia pulled from her blog - Funny!

  1. I'm greedy, very very greedy. I don't pay for a bus ticket even though it costs only 50 cents. When I go out I'd rather go thirsty and hungry than buy a sandwich and a bottle of water. I buy clothes only on sales (most of the time).

  2. I love drawing and clothes designing and I'm vain enough to believe that I'm pretty good at it too. I've been thinking of posting some of my drawings but haven't got to it yet.

  3. I'm a closet nerd and I enjoy reading manga and anime and yes, I enjoy the cheesy dialogues.

  4. When I eat french fries I only eat the ones with the square edges, I hate the ones with the sharp edges, dan't ask me why, I just don't know.

  5. I'm half Greek and half Portuguese. After my trip to the Azores islands in Portugal this summer I realized what a magical place it is that I come from. I hope in another lifetime I end up there.

  6. I am obsessed with asian culture. I love the buildings, the letters, the people, the cities and of course the food!

  7. Without my eye glasses I am practicaly blind. I am planing on doing eye surgery but that's where the 1st thing about me comes in the way. :P
Check out Mary Jane Girl, and show me some of your favorite blogs!