After a few hours of the always relevant Law and Order marathon last night, I just thought I would post a couple pictures of Jayne Mansfield, otherwise known as "The Poor Man's Marilyn Monroe" and Mariska Hargitay's mamma. She was beautiful! Check out how jealous Sofia Loren is!! How very un-Italian. (SIKE!)

Look at how cute (and also, kinda creepy!) this little ring from Verameat is!! It looks like a tiny little hobbit grasping onto your finger.
Mystery Hugs Ring, $68.00 for Silver, $250 for 14k Gold, $270 for Rose Gold

Here is the official description of the ring : 
Beautiful hands of our Lady Dino necklace, detailed lady claws want to hug your talons you lovely bird of prey* Adjustable to groove with you!

I just love how weird and quirky the names of each piece, the descriptions, and the designs themselves are! And better yet, many are made with recycled materials like silver and 14k gold. Some are totally random (almost ironically so, in the Hipster sense of the word), like a ring featuring a brain or a very detailed squid pendant. 

Check her out, and don't forget the importance of finger hugs from monsters.


French Candy

Just saw a strange French Video...Called "Accomplices" (Complices in Francais). It was good, but strange and sad. The lead actor totally made it worth it though. He reminded me of my fiance because he was kind of bad-ass looking but really sweet and protective.

Just thought I share the goodness with you guys for a little break from fashion, although I have a great new outfit post for tomorrow!!

Share in the gorgeousness:

The movie was very strange indeed....I still don't know if I liked it or not, but it definitely made me think and is very much stuck in my mind. Basically, it starts out with the discovery of a body (Cyril's, unfortunately) and the cops working on the case unravel pieces of his life and discover that he was a gay prostitute who fell in love with a girl and she slowly gets sucked up into his world of prostitution but they stay very strong together, and then...something happens, which I won't say in case you want to watch.

Anyone seen any good movies lately?


Devil May Care

Here is an outfit that I have worn once or twice when the weather here in Philadelphia is questionable. It's neither here nor there these days - Its kinda rainy, kinda cloudy, kinda cold, kinda warm...basically, hard to get dressed in the morning and still have those clothes be relevant in the evening! You know what I mean? I'm just saying...I never thought I'd have to wear tights in May!

Jacket: Bershka
Tee: AA
Skirt: F21
Tights: Bloomingdales
Shoes: Lucky
Earrings: Vix Emporium on Baltimore Ave (West Philly)
Necklace: Made my my lovely soon-to-be Mother in Law
Pin: Random antique shop in Milan

Tomorrows supposed to be in the 80's, so I can finally get back to wearing my Summer clothes! I can't wait for that. I have some great maxi dresses and one-shoulder tops to show you guys. 

Alla Prossima!


Mile High Club

I spend an awful lot of time posting stuff that I want, and especially, posting about shoes. This post IS about shoes, but nothing I want. And you'll see why!

Polly Verity

Polly Verity

Look at these bad-ass shoes created by Romanian Mihai Albu. They kind of take the "Wearable" out of "Wearable Art", but I guess it's only a matter of time before these end up on The Sartorialist, oui?

This guy must hate women!! I can see this being some elaborate plot on Law and Order SVU where an abused child forced into premature adulthood takes out his aggression on women by torturing them with painful footwear...

Albu calls his designs, which run up to nearly $1600, "Constructed Chaos". Amen to that...!

I, the girl who can be found in motorcycle boots for most of the year, would not wear them, but I definitely respect them as architectural phenomenons and beautiful pieces of art work. But I can't wait to see Gaga strutting around in them.

From Albu's 2010 Ad Campaign

More Painful HAUTE Couture shoesies:

Spinal Heel by Alexander McQueen

And now, my dear readers...The Piece Du Resistance:

Ever wondered what Elephant dung looks like???? Or better yet, what it feels like to step on it?

These elephant dung heels, made by INSA (which may be short for INSANE) leave me speechless. I don't know whether to laugh or cry or gag or want a pair or what!! They are apparently inspired by artist (I use the terms "inspired" and "artist" loosely) Chris Ofili.

“INSA retraced the footsteps Chris Ofili made over 15 years ago and sourced dung from the same family of elephants that produced the dung used in Chris’s infamous paintings of the nineties.”

Hm. That's...dedication?

Anyway, yes, Loves it, no, wouldn't wear it.

What say you??


Blame Canada - Yanick Dery

Canadian Yanick Dery is another fashion photographer extraordinaire that I simply adore! His photographs are playful, almost devilishly so, and the way he portrays women is somewhat derogatory and objectified, but with an obvious sense of awe and some kind of adoration!


My Virtual Shopping List - Bottoms Up Edition

There was so much stuff I wanted, I hate to break it up into neat, categorized lists. Here are the pants and skirts that have found their way into my heart at the moment:

I'm really loving the whole harem-pant/drop-crotch look. It's stuck around for a couple seasons already, so it's already more than just a passing trend.

Just Female Stripe Jersey Harem Trousers, $59 asos.com

Isabel Marant Alamo silk-chiffon pants, $850 net-a-porter.com

 Blackmail legging, $99, stylestalker.com 

And, the grand finale - This is probably my #1 wish for summer - these just make me wanna laze by the Mediterranean Sea all summer!

Nedum Cover Up Pants, $185.00 shopbop.com

And who can forget this little number, also by DVF. Sometimes I just get overwhelmed with the need to find this lady and hug her.

Paulita ruffled mini skirt, $475 net-a-porter.com




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