Fashion in Milan

Here is some fashion/moda from Milan - just stuff I snapped pictures of when I was not too embarrassed to take pictures of stuff. I'm pretty stealthy.

Courtyard outside of Giorgio Armani on Via Monte Napoleone

Casadei Heels

Via Monte Napoleone


Random shop window with tons of gorgeous shiny bangles

GORGEOUS ostrich bag in the window of Shiro on Via Gesu, across from the Four Seasons

Behind the Piazza Duomo

Marc Marc Jacobs store in Piazza Carmine

Display outside this little oddities shop that specialized in antique clothing on a random side street.

Frette exhibit in the Palazzo Morando. They were screening video clips of famous waking up scenes - Catherine Deneuve waking up nearly naked, Audrey Hepburn with a sleeping mask and a men's tuxedo shirt being awoken by the doorbell, Kate Winslet waking up in Cameron Diaz' house in California and playing air-guitar to the radio alarm in The Holiday.

Can't remember!!! But I loved the clutch!

Courtyard outside of Terso Millenio, a jewelry shop.

Courtyard of the Grand Hotel Et di Milan

Architecture in Italy

Me and my brother Sasha!

Nighttime flowers

Gorgeous Profumeria in Verona

Prada in Milan (New vs. Old)

Apparently if you stick your heel in this grate in the floor (conveniently located in a Bull's testicle - get more Italian than that) in the Galleria, it's good luck! Let's see...

 Brother in Verona

Mother - Drucker

Photographs by the fantastic Abbey Drucker:

Carmen Kass

  Carmen Kass, Estonia

Monique Mantell, Bellmore

Leon Lerregui, Mexico City

Elizabeth Berg, Los Feliz

Jamie King, Beverly Hills

Natalia V., Chanel Paris

Abbey Drucker's photos are minimalistic, raw, feminine, and nostalgic of another time and place, which kind of lends an inherent air of romantic, sleepy sadness to them...wouldn't you say?