Norman Parkinson - the Original Terry Richardson

Brit Norman Parkinson was one of the first great fashion photographers. He saw fashion as humorous, ironic, sensual, beautiful, superfluous, and decadent, but never seemed to take it, or himself, too seriously.

Here are some of the best photographs of his 60-year career, which lasted from the 30's to 1990. He is clearly ahead of his time, and his work clearly influences the work of today's finest photographers like Ines and Vinood, Mario Testino, and, because of that boyish, devilish glimmer in his eye and the raw sexuality in some of his photos, even modern-day pervert/photog Terry Richardson.

Parkinson and his wife

Vogue, November, 1956.

This one is my favorite! It's kind of hard to make out at first glance, but when you focus on the image it totally embodies carefree laughter and decadence. I would be laughing too if I had such a big diamond...

  Adèle Collins ,Vogue, 1959

Sweet Fanny Adams

"I like to make people look as good as they'd like to look, and with luck, a shade better". 
- Norman Parkinson


Sexy Celeb Couples

(This is the tamest pic from her infamous Muse Magazine spread, inspired by Moss/Depp)

Shabby Chic - My Own Barbie Dream House

I am in super-nesting mode right now. Actually, I have been for the past year! You should see my try to walk through an Ikea, even if I'm just there to get new GLÖDA bulbs for my Årstid lamp. I'm like a kid in Disney Land. And I also think the Swedish desserts in the "restaurant" are phenomenal.

Here are a couple pieces that I would like to have in my own dream home:



The Ultimate blogger inspiration (besides La Moss and La Roitfeld, oui?)


Image Credits:
2.) FAULKNER CHEST / $4,395.00 /
4.) Brigitta Dresser, $798
6.)Riad Farnatchi in Morocco
7.) Le Palais Rhoul in Marakech
8.)Le Palais Rhoul in Marakech
9.) This is a home in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico, the city my dad lives in. The Merida Initiative
10.) Another home in Merida, via Picassa
12.) via Pink Lemonade
13.) The Owl and the Clock,

Hey Brazil - Guess What? American's are Beautiful Too.

I think we are entering the Age of the American Model. We've got Keke Lingaard, Chanel Iman, and Kendra Spears, to name a few. So, suck it, Brazil!! (Still love you though...)

Here are my fave American models au moment:

Kemp Muhl, born in Atlanta Georgia in 1987. Not to name drop, but she is dating Sean Lennon. She is also heavily involved in the music industry, as she and Sean have collaborated on recordings and have started a record label (Chimera Records) together, and she directed a movie that he produced

Kemp and Sean for Zadig et Voltaire, which you may know is Sean's clothing label.


Lily Aldridge is one of my favorite models, and probably the most gorgeous person I've ever seen! She's both natural and majorly glam. Plus, shes ALSO a scorpio, so she must be awesome, oui? She was born in LA and dating the lead singer of Kings of Leon. Her older sister is British model Saffron Aldridge and her younger sister is American model Ruby Aldridge. Her parents could potentially be very ugly.

Here she is posing for a military inspired spread in Marie Claire's March edition. The shoot focused on utilitarian-chic pieces in muted colors like olive green, khaki, and white, that were set off by unexpected metal details, leather, and eye-popping jewelry in natural tones like gold and silver.