The Time I Made A Dress (Well. I Helped.)

While I was in Turkey in the Fall for a few months, I had plenty of time (I do mean plenty) to learn a bunch of new jewelry making techniques, do a lot of cooking, writing, reading, blogging, shopping, and pretending to try and learn Turkish, but secretly, passively teaching everyone else English. My boyfriend's mom spent a lot of time with me and taught me a lot of cool things, one of which was dress-making! We used a pattern from a German magazine that is apparently popular in Turkey, but I picked out the fabric and cut out the pieces and did a little bit of rough sewing. It turned out pretty cool, and I found something similar in a fashion glossy a few days later. Here it is:


Here are some Haute Couture versions (I say Versions, because clearly, designers like Prada and Nanette Lepore saw my dress and emulated it. Psh.)

Prada Fall RTW 2009

Nanette Lepore Fall 2010

Vogue Mexico Feb 2009

Dolce and Gabbana Spring 2008

Of LBD's, Tattoos, and the Sublime Sunday French Toast

Last Saturday my partner in crime (Susie.) and I went out. It was supposed to be a crazy night. We were supposed to meet up with like, 3 different groups of friends. We planned out our transportation, and it was still only 9:30PM. Figuring we had plenty of time, we decided to go get some drinks at my mom's microbrewery, Dock Street, in West Philly. So then, it's suddenly 11:30PM, I had called like 12 different cab companies and there was still no sign of a cab (except the one that these two UNgentlemanly UPenn kids jumped into and, regardless of us visibly waiting, and visibly freezing, didn't offer to share with us). So, just as this guy from the neighborhood, a man who rehabs houses and raises bees, offered to drive us to Center City, my mom happened to be leaving and we jumped into her car and she dropped us off downtown. So, at 24, I got dropped off at a bar by my mom. I should add that we didnt drive ourselves because we wanted to enjoy some libations.

Anyway, we tried to go to like 3 different places and there were ridiculous lines, or else someone would come out all disgruntled and complain about how crowded it was in there, so we settled upon going to this hipster bar that I vowed never to go to because they refuse to carry our beer (again, Dock Street), and the bartender gave us a bunch of free drinks and we got really wasted (especially Susie...hehe? I know you will read this.) and took a cab back, and I won't say the mini-drama that occurred afterward, but it only seemed right to go get a HUGE brunch the following morning (3pm). So here are pics of my outfit, and some before and after pictures of the Nutella-and-cream stuffed french toast and pumpkin pancakes that nursed us back to health and high fashion.

And FYI - I am very cool-ly posting on a Friday night because I'm sick! I have already made myself a turban-headband (Ill post that next, it's an easy and chic DIY), read Harper's Bazaar cover-to-cover, watched She's All That, and eaten half a quiche (yes. As in...half of a pie-sized quiche) that my mom made, and a huge plate of soy-nuggets, which I get from Trader Joes and I highly recommend. I'm running out of distractions!

So here's to going out on the weekends:

Brunch upon arrival

Brunch after 45 minutes. Hardly a dent. It took me until the next morning to finish my part of it!


Jewels for the Queen

Here is some more of the jewelry that I made. I have been working mostly with wire lately, because I still dont have a torch of my own yet (fingers crossed -- my brother still owes me a Christmas/Hannukah/Kwanza gift! And sidebar - I never thought I'd be the kind of fashionista who begs for tools as presents...!)

But anyway, here are a couple of necklaces and a ring. Let me know what you guys think!

This is a two-finger ring featuring Karl Lagerfeld!!! I always get tons of positive feedback on it. I'm planning to do a few more in silver, with Karl Lagerfeld, Amy Winehouse, Kate Moss, and a few other notables. Let me know if anyone is interested in buying one -- I love to work for a purpose rather than just make stuff for myself.

I made this necklace with a handful of different coins from all over the world. It is cold-connected, meaning no heat, soldering, or melting was used. It is held together by hand-made rivets, which are basically wire that is hammered to flatness on each end. VERY tedious, but well worth it - each coin moves, and is not just stuck together. I think that gives it some life, oui?

This necklace was shown with my Valentines Day outfit here. It is made with about 25 feet of wire and some stone chips from one of my grandmother's necklaces. The pendent at the end is held tightly in a hand-crocheted net. It is for sale on my ETSY shop.

This is another hand-crocheted piece. It is a multi-strand necklace made with 75 feet of wire! It has rose-quartz chips woven directly into it. I always get a lot of compliments when I wear it (not to brag! Does that sound too braggy?) and people are always shocked to know that it is made with 25 yards of wire!! It's also on my ETSY shop.

Let me know what you guys think! I hope you like them. Send me links of your jewelry too! I really love the rings that Ugne. K posted on her blog. Check 'em.


DIY for us to try

Anyone wanna try this DIY project with me (and by with, I mean doing it in our own respective houses and comparing results, as the blogosphere unites us?)?

Vena Cava - $400

I think this is an awesome look, but...$400? Come on. Sorry. I said it. What do you guys think? Let me know!


Malice in Wonderland : A harrowing tale of D&G, Froufiness, and Denim

Froufiness (as my designer friend Nicole from Lobo Mau often says) is now all over the place (thank you, God!) - Like backstage at D&G SS2010, where it was toned down with denim. I think this is really inspiring and really do-able! I am definitely going to try this look, when Philadelphia's Ice Age thaws out a little.


Mia Wasikowska, from Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland movie, perfectly channels the look in the glossy pages of Marie Claire, which is both edgy and ridiculously girly. Again, this is probably one of my favorite trends because it means I can wear my motorcycle boots 24/7.

Vest, $172, True Religion Brand Jeans; corset, $14.95, H&M; skirt, $2,395, D&G; shoes, $385, Bess; necklace, price upon request, Badgley Mischka; flower pin, $25, M & S Schmalberg.

Dress, $2,800, Fendi; boots, $385, Bess; headpiece, $465, Ellen Christine Millinery. On left arm: Bracelet, $170, Roxanne Assoulin for Lee Angel. On right arm: Bracelet, editor's own.

Jacket, $298, Juicy Couture; dress, $4,455, Roberto Cavalli; shoes, $385, Bess. On right hand: Black ring, $260, Swarovski; glass ring, $100, Noir. On left hand: Ring, $105, Noir.

Jacket, $1,835, Dsquared2; bodysuit, $595, skirt, $1,995, Donna Karan New York; shoes, $385, Bess; ring, $260, Swarovski.

And, as worn by The Chic Muse herself, the fabulous Denni:


GIY (Get-It-Yourself) :
 $198, Betsey Johnson;

DRESS $608, Tadashi Shoji;

DRESS $695, Adam;


Champagne with my Campaign

My boyfriend just got a job (finally! After a very long search and tons of annoying nagging and unwanted suggestions from me, his mom, my mom, and other peoples moms around the world) as a finance manager for Colin's, a Turkish denim company. Think: American Eagle - just fun, casual, unpretentious but still on-trend jeans and tees, with the odd fur-lined puffy coat for good measure. I just came across their latest ad-campaign, and I think it's just very inspiring. The shots are really evocative of summer-lovin', old-school grunge and cross-country road trips on Route 66 (which kind of hits close to home, i.e. my recent crazy roadtrip to Mexique). Although Colin's is a Turkish company, this particular collection really represents American style and ideals - sex, drugs and rock and roll, to name a few. Oh, and somehow "Antiques" managed to get in as well. Hmm. So what do you think??

Anyway, I look forward to many years of free clothing.



I feel pretty - Lingerie, Third and Final Part. For now...!

The third and final part of my exploration of the worlds chicest, coolest, sexiest, girliest lingerie in ze world - and what better day to end than on Valentine's Day?


Bordelle, from Selfridgesin London


And on the fabulous bodies of:



Sweet Dreams and Happy Valentine's Day!!


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