Colin's Jeans

My boyfriend just got a job (finally! After a very long search and tons of annoying nagging and unwanted suggestions from me, his mom, my mom, and other peoples moms around the world) as a finance manager for Colin's, a Turkish denim company. Think: American Eagle - just fun, casual, unpretentious but still on-trend jeans and tees, with the odd fur-lined puffy coat for good measure. I just came across their latest ad-campaign, and I think it's just very inspiring. The shots are really evocative of summer-lovin', old-school grunge and cross-country road trips on Route 66 (which kind of hits close to home, i.e. my recent crazy roadtrip to Mexique). Although Colin's is a Turkish company, this particular collection really represents American style and ideals - sex, drugs and rock and roll, to name a few. Oh, and somehow "Antiques" managed to get in as well. Hmm. So what do you think??

Anyway, I look forward to many years of free clothing.