I Feel Pretty-er - Lingerie Part Le Deux

Here is the second part of the Lingerie Post - it was too long for you busy bees, so I split it up into three parts. Patience is a virtue, especially since now it means three posts of these fine unmentionables.

 La Perla

Money Money Bustier, $485

Black Label Metal Garter Belt, Stainless Steel $620.00

La Perla Store in Milan

La Perla is a well-known luxury lingerie company that has been bringing the finest Italian tradition of lingerie and corset making to the boudoirs of thousands of lucky women (and probably a handful of dudes) since 1954, when it was founded by Italian Ada Masotti. The sexy name was inspired by the velvet case in which the first pieces from the initial collection were transported. Because a cardboard box would have been too...civilian. The company is now owned by San Francisco-based private equity firm JH Partners.

Eco Friendly:

Eco Boudoir


Eco Boudoir Wilderness Teddy, was $188, now $94 on Journelle

Eco Boudoir is a British company, worn by the likes of Jessica Alba, that creates eco friendly, organic, yet amazingly delicate and sensuous lingerie and nightwear. They use certified organic cotton and silk to make underwear that looks, fits, and feels great while being safe and gentle on your skin, not to mention the environment and the world's people - When working abroad, in the usual suspect-countries India and China, they make sure to support small communities of women rather than huge factories stuffed with underpaid, underage children like some of the bigger corporations. Silks are cultivated without using harmful chemicals, leaves and berries used are all from organic mulberry plants, and processes used involved super-natural ingredients like traditional nut soap, organic compost, sawdust and manure roots - No pesticides, fertilisers, bleaching or harmful finishing processes are involved. Printing and sewing is done in the UK and occasionally, when working with delicate materials like silk, by the suppliers. Bamboo is also utilized, and is highly appreciated for its natural anti-bacterial properties and is not only airy and breathable, but also biodegradable and needs no chemicals to grow.

You can learn more about the harmful ways that clothing and clothing production hurts the environment, and why eco-friendly clothing is so important on eco-boudoir's sister website, More Than Pretty Knickers .

This season (AW09) was inspired by the British Woodland, and SS10 will reflect somewhere hot and exotic.

Next lingerie post: Futuristic


How The West Was Won

I got this awesome new hat a few weeks ago at an undisclosed location (ahem...Im not at liberty to say, because this aforementioned place is rather unsavory, so lets just call this "vintage").

I wear it while driving, because for some reason, it seems to go with my little red Miata. Sometimes I wear it on the streets, and I always get compliments on it. I think people just aren't used to seeing non-baseball hats on anybody these days, especially not around Philadelphia, so it's nice to stand out in a somewhat positive way, for once :)

I'm kind of channeling a disco-cowboy, Call of the Wild, Legends of the Fall look here, with a spiky belt, silver bangles (it's actually all one bracelet!) and a tigers-eye necklace that I made myself! Ill have similar styles up soon on my etsy shop. And of course, a classic American Apparel v-neck tee, which I have been known to wear for days on end, including time spent sleeping. I'm also wearing TopShop trousers and DIY studded shoes, for good measure.

Anyway, what do you think? (And, as always, sorry for the sucky photo quality, I'm working on getting a new camera, but in the meantime Im stuck with this old, pink Kodak...)






I feel pretty

Claudia Schiffer as Brigitte Bardot, Photo by Ellen Von Unwerth

Today started out as a yucky, rainy day here in Philadelphia - flash flood warnings, school closings, and traffic lights out all over the region. I could barely get out of bed this morning! Literally - it took me exactly 51 minutes to do so.

Anyway, the only thing that could possibly bring me out of these rainy Monday blues (besides my sidekick - a little cockapoo named Portia) is the prettiest, laciest, most expensive lingerie that money can buy - A girl can dream, right? I warn you, some of what you are about to see is the most explicitly luxurious, lavishly luscious, and disturbingly delicate lingerie you may never get to wear:

So here's to being a spoiled-rotten boudoir princess:


Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur - Black Swan Bodysuit, $490

Agent Provocateur - Melody Basque, $590

Agent Provocateur - Heloise Corset, hand-embellished with biker studs and 2 inch spikes, $4900

Nice n Girly:

Strumpet and Pink

Maidens Belt

Garden of Delights

Lady Hume's Blush


Dress Shirt

 Rosette Cheeks

 Swans Tail Front
 Swans Tail Back (image from Petit Coquette)

No one does nice quite like Strumpet and Pink. Founded by two artists, Lisa Z Morgan and Melanie Probet in 2002, Strumpet and Pink makes fine, handmade lingerie that is has been touted by Forbes as some of the most expensive lingerie money can buy. According to their official website, the focus is on "feeling rather than objectification", and pieces are not overtly sexy, but rather designed to make the wearer's sensuality come from within, from the femininity of the lingerie and the confidence that comes from that, rather that simply by looking sexy. The knickers also focus on physical feeling - the was the silk grazes the body, gentle coolness from the hand-embroidered pearls on some of the pieces. Each detail is truly a feast for the senses.

Some key words that the designers use to describe their collection are: beautiful, sensuous, humorous, naïve, sexual, confident and playful, all contradictions that come together to embody each Strumpet and Pink piece.

Oh yeah - these "knickers" start at around $330

Sweet Dreams!!

Photo Credits -
Opening Image - WeHeartIt
Naughty -Agent Provocateur 
Nice - Strumpet and Pink
Sultry - La Perla
Eco Friendly - Eco Boudoir
Futuristic - Bordelle

Some fashion food for thought - A taste of Istanbul

Just wanted to share with you some great Turkish fashion, since I just got back from Constantinople, also know as the current European Capital of Culture, a point that makes locals quiver with pride. While Zara and Top Shop are Emperors, both in the blog world and on the streets (and in most of Istanbul's 70+ shopping malls!) there are several independent designers and ateliers that really shine through. Istanbul is literally brimming with amazing, unique, beautiful, thoughtful, and often hand-made clothing and fashion.

On this visit, I didn't get out that much (Winter = Hibernate), but I did my research! And when I could, I did a little "field-work". I made sure to check out some new places and old favorites.

One of the most unique designers I found online is Oyku Thurston, formerly of art.i.choke boutique in the Beyoglu neighborhood. The feel of her designs is very whimsical and ethereal - lots of light colors and soft textures, and everything has a really natural, organic tone - its the kind of clothing a woodland nymph would feel right at home in. Felt (don't let this word scare you, or evoke images of kindergarten craft-projects!) is mixed with silk, bamboo, merino, and soy fibers in a process that uses only olive oil and hot water, and every piece is hand-shaped.

Thurston, now 30, studied felt-making in Japan and got her degree from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, so her influences are truly international. That's my kind of girl.

Check out some of the designs -

Top: art.i.choke


Views of the store:

Outfit from the Impromptu Collection, Winter 2008:


Another great designer of whimsical clothes is Yasemin Ozeri. She is trained in architecture and fashion design, and currently runs a boutique/collective/studio/consignment store called Laundromat, which opened last September, with Oyko Thurston. It features the collections of various other up-and-coming designers. Its a great concept - it gives designers a chance to display and sell their pieces in an already-established boutique, plus it keeps the boutique's own merchandise fresh by constantly rotating (hence the name Laundromat) not only the wares but the designers. Genius!

Here are some pics from Yasemin's collection "On Being Insane in Sane Places", which features natural, subtle colors and textures with surprising and extremely thoughtful details:




These are from last year's "In Between" collection:

And some photos of Laundromat Boutique, which fuses modern simplicity with organic and natural neutrality:

(You can see some of Thurston's Japanese influence!)

Photos from Yasemin Ozeri

So there is some food for thought, and a little glimpse into Turkish fashion. I will post more later, when I am not jet-lagged. Some other designers and boutiques to check out are ParisTexas, Simay Bülbül, ümit ünal doors, 2. el (second hand), Lastik Pabuç, Lal, İkon, Bahar Korçan, Building, Antijen according to local fashionista and very helpful fellow blogger Seda.

And here is a bonus photo, totally unrelated, because I think it's a cool yet random shot and I am very excited about making this necklace, finally, and starting up my etsy shop - scorpiondisco.etsy.com.

Further Proof that Italian Women are Ze Best!

Bianca Balti is a modern-day Sofia Loren - Classically beautiful, dark and mysterious, and of course, ridiculously curvy.

The 25 year old Italian almost didnt make it to the fashion scene - she was rejected by Elite at age 19 (ouch...but I bet they are kicking themselves now) and was finally signed by IMG, after being discovered on the job in a supermarket. She is now married, as a daughter, and lives in New York. She's been on covers from L'Officiel to Playboy, and in campaigns for haute couture gods like Dolce and Gabbana, Cavalli, and Dior, as well as mere "civilian" brands like Mango, Victoria's Secret and Guess?

And you know what else? I don't think I've ever seen a spread with her in it where she actually had a top on.

Here are some photos to mull over, from the February 2010 Vogue Germany.


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