John Wind is a Girl's Best Friend

As I mentioned, last Saturday I spent a couple hours close to heaven when I went to Joan Shepp for the John Wind/Maximal Art trunk show. Every surface, case and tray was covered in gorgeousely glitzy, "modern vintage" jewels, charms and chains -- could life be sweeter?

 I loved these rustic-looking agate pendents with beautiful wild animals. They tie closed with gorgeous Scottish-inspired tartan ribbon.

 The larger-than-life John Wind (literally! He's like 6'5"!) with Tuesday, wearing a three-stone agate necklace.

 A lifetime supply of cute charms to personalize your jewelry.

A Clockwork Orange - funky post-modern clock pendent.

 Another clock pendent, this time industrial-looking. Perfect with a black cashmere sweater-dress. Just saying.

 This bracelet is another favorite. It's so feminine and fun, and the chunky chain makes in bold.

 The staging area - John was making personalized size adjustments while customers shopped around the store.

 John looking very distinguished, indeed.

There was something for everyone at the trunk show - post-modern clock-work necklaces and pendants, sparkly feminine bracelets, sensual chunky agate necklaces with gold animals, big statement-making chains, and charms with letters, astrological signs and bling for those wishing to create their own memorable pieces. Every piece is made in the USA and has the feel of a precious heirloom -- truly modern-vintage.

John also has a small collection of charms to benefit ActionAIDS - 50% of all sales are donated to help with HIV/AIDS service. Here's a peek at those:

Each one can be worn as a necklace or bracelet! The key represents opening a mysterious door to a cure. Good thing finding the cure could be so chic?

Stay tuned for a John Wind/Maximal Art Giveaway later in the weekend!! You won't want to miss it :)



  1. Wow i love the clock pendent its beautiful. All the pieces are really gorgeous.

    xoxo Monroe

    Fashion Steele NYC

  2. Love the John Wind Maximal Art AIDS Jewelry project!

  3. I am so drooling over these! Can't wait for the giveaway!

  4. I love it all! ...enhancer heaven!

    Deborah in NC

  5. Now these are just my favorite types of pics. ; ) I really wish I was there!!!


  6. His passion for design and talent are amazing ! I Would b honored to wear his collection , vintage wax seals are my heart . Charms , pom poms are amazing ! Superior artistic unique design and I can't edit too carry his line in my boutique . I Wanna win @jeliss boutique

  7. I LOVE the Gold Charm Bracelet full of the "Pop Corn" Pearls.... I added the white and gold equestrian charm to mine and it is BEAUTIFUL !!!!

  8. The clock pendant is my favorite! It is "timeless"


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