PhlFashionWeek Randoms

I only got to go to two nights worth of this seasons Philadelphia Fashion Week. It's nothing like New York, Paris, London, Milan, but I think we are on the right track. There's definitely a strongly burning passion here, and we just need the right designers to inspire the rest of the masses. Being so close to NYC is a blessing and a curse, because I think so many of our promising youth just make the 90 mile move up north to the fashion capital rather than try to bring some of the down here to Philadelphia. I guess they figure its just easier to go to fashion than to bring fashion, so I really appreciate the good people behind PhlFW.

Here are some random shots from the shows:

  Duke from Duke and Winston Tees

 Susie rocking a leather coat and mean-muggin'

 My beloved Umit Unal coat

 Keeping cool behind the ice sculpture

The ladies of Ban Thor Phan

 Gorgeous Ban Thor Phan top. I can see this being perfect with leggings -- it's a really organic, simple, androgynous piece that adds a lot of texture and "otherworldliness" to an outfit.

You can thank me later for the next two:

I have a few more that I want to post from Carmelita Couture and Ban Thor Phan, so keep an eye out.



  1. Wow great post! Thanks so much for sharing.

    xoxo Monroe

  2. beautiful photos!


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