London's Vertical Fashion Show

This is what it takes to get noticed and sell clothes in today's Age of Overload and A.D.D.

This past September marked the second High Street Fashion Week, which was held "above" London's Oxford Circus on Oxford Street, which is Europes busiest shopping street. But to redefine the meaning of "high street" from "everyday" to "WTF", they couldn't throw a regular old fashion show, could they?

So this year instead of models, they used professional stuntwomen. And instead of a catwalk, they used the sides of buildings. Kind of makes sense.

Models/Stuntwomen wore looks from HMV, River Island, H&M, and French Connection as they descended from rooftops suspended from body harnesses and wearing 5 inch wedge heels.

I guess they were trying to top last year's subway tube fashion show, which was another extreme - below ground.


And in August, a department store in Seoul, Korea, celebrated its opening by holding an underwater fashion show. Models swam around tanks while wearing traditional Hanbok dresses by designer Park Sul-nyeo.

While I love all the envelope pushing and risk taking, I feel like the words "Fashion Show" are being thrown around a little too some point this becomes literally more of a circus than a fashion show! Is this what it takes to get noticed in today's overload of talent and genius? I feel like one day in the not-to-distant-future, a plain old catwalk runway show is going to be so far from the norm that that will be shocking.

Opinions? Epionions? I'm dying to hear if you love it or hate it.


Photos from Refinery29, Jezebel, UK Metro

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  1. the one in korea looks cg animated.

    and my kaptch is asian fashion themed, it was "crose up"


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