Birthday Package from Paris!!

Last week I got the most chic, most unexpected, most welcome surprise from my lovely soul-sister Esther in Paris. We were inseparable in college, but alas, like all things Parisian, she went back to her motherland and left me to pick up the pieces of a life-less-chic.

So of course I was pleasantly surprised when the mailman handed me this treasure chest of luxuries. What a great way to start my Birthday Two Weeks (subject to change - the actual celebration of my birthday may be more or less depending on mood and availability, but readers be aware that the Holy Day is October 27th!!)

 Among other things - A Longchamps tote, the Lanvin Postage Stamps I requested a few months ago (minus a couple that her lovely but uninformed boyfriend Vincent used), Carambars, a keychain from Laduree, and a few beautiful necklaces! Does a better package exist?

Carambars (my all-time favorite candy, although I have recently come to the realization that there is no glamorous way to eat one) and a lovely handwritten note.


 A beautiful necklace and a keychain from Laduree. I would have been happy with just the pink Laduree box!!

 By the Seine in Paris in 2008

 Us in a toddler-sized train, for toddlers, in Lille (north of Paris), July 2008

Looking impossibly chic in St. Tropez, July 2008

By the sea in Cavalaire-Sur-Mar, on her birthday in July 2008

I think its quite clear that I miss Esther like Paris Hilton misses fame. We had a great sophomore year together in Boston, between drives down to Philadelphia to have long dinners with my parents, to trips to Miami, where we shared a room (and two beds that we artfully pushed together) with two Pakistani kids and a Spaniard in an effort to save money. I'm glad that even though it's been a couple years we still have a great bond, and I hope we'll reunite soon!

Tu me manques!



  1. What a sweet gift she sent you!! PS, happy bday girl! :)

  2. What an incredibly thoughtful gift. You can tell it was sent by someone who knows and loves you. I love the keychain and those carambars sound delectable!!


  3. Awwwwww how sweet. Love the handwritten note and the candies. Now I want candy lol. This is an awesome post. Thanks for sharing.

    xoxo Monroe


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