Tilda cows come home

God I love Tilda Swinton. I am at once fascinated, repulsed, and in complete awe of her. She's one of those geniuses who just exudes a sense of godliness, other-wordliness, and Old-World sage and wisdom. You can just feel it!!

Ever since I saw I Am Love, which was a very strange movie (would you expect any less of her?), I have just been fascinated by this creature who was once named one of the World's Best Dressed Women by Vanity Fair. I mean, the lady is an a polyamorous relationship with two men!! (On her relationship/s - "It’s the way we have been for nearly four years. I’m very fortunate. It takes some extraordinary men to make a situation like that work.") She's a mother - to twins, a boy and a girl, who live with her and her husband in Scotland, when she is not off traveling with her younger lover.

She went to school with Princess Di and has two Honorary Doctorates. She's bizarre enough to perform in a live-art exhibit where she lived in a glass case for an entire week.

And you know what else? Shes a Scorpio!


  1. wow. I am in awe yet strangely 'repulsed', just as you said. She seems like an amazing lady, but a bit bonkers too ha. :)


  2. Tilda, what a fascinating women! Just like that horses tongue oh my!? haha


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