M.I.A. Coming back with Fire, Fire

Folks, I seen my first M.I.A. concerto.

Turban: DIY
Top: HM
Pants: Random
Boots: Delias from back in high-school!
Bag: Vintage Coach

First of all, let me just say her opening act, Rye Rye, was amazing. She had so much energy and spunk and "hootspa".

With Rye Rye after the show

M.I.A. is more gorgeous in person than I would have thought, and her DJ spun some really mean beatz between sets.
 (Does anyone know who she is? She was great!)

But let me tell you guys....M.I.A. is not a great singer, to put it mildly. And you know what? It takes a special person to be that famous and successful without having a real, tangible, obvious talent. I mean, she does co-write her songs and most likely contributes to the creation of the beats, but I think her biggest talent is her magnetism and the fact that she really, truly, doesn't give a F*$%! From the way that she dresses (she was wearing crusty old thrifted, hand-sewn pants and a black and white Seinfeld cookie oxford shirt) to her signature tousled, dark-rooted curly mane, she is just beyond caring. It kind of sends the message that she knows something everyone else does not, and that *something* is what she is really focused on, not the petty, civilian things that us earthlings concern ourselves with. Am I making sense?

 She crowd surfed several times, and did most of her performance crouched at the very edge of the stage -- she was literally as close to her audience as possible.

Notice the three, Burka-clad broads on the left. They just kinda swayed around for the whole set.

 She pulled a bunch of people up on the stage for one of her new songs.

 Me and Nicole Haddad, of the Lobo Mau fame.

I had a great time dancing and catching a buzz from over priced Lionshead (The only beer I could afford on tap at the Electric Factory) and I would definitely like to go see her again next time she's in town!

{For more pictures of my hero M.I.A., click here to see a previous blog post)



  1. that must have been so much fun! :D

    i love that pink vest Rye Rye's wearing!


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