Hey, why are you wearing a cape?

The title of this post is a direct quote from the bartender at Dock Street. He clearly doesn't get it. Although the ladies at the bank this morning went nuts over it. I made this "cape", which is really just a short sleeved jacket, from an old, crappy blazer that I bought back in high school. The blazer just didn't fit well, and the sleeves were too tight, and it was just kind of out of style. So, I cut off the sleeves and sewed them on sideways. Voila.

It's a lot better than a regular old short sleeved jacket because the sleeves are very roomy and flowy and cape-like -- it has a "Flying Nun" aspect, as Nicole put it.

I know I should have done a more in depth, step-by-step DIY, but I wasn't sure how it would turn out, but I definitely plan to do this one again with maybe a nicer, higher quality, albeit thrifted blazer. 

I'm really happy with the way this one turned out, and me and my mom decided it's kind of like something Albert Kriemler of Akris would make.

And there it is - My magical cape! I'll keep you guys posted on my next DIY cape. I really want to make a couple more. Let me know if you guys try it and send pics so I can post 'em!



  1. beautiful cape-et!! want to see more like this.

  2. really like your blog and those boots!!!!!! do tell, where oh where did you find those beauties? =) x

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