The God's Alligned at FNO, and I Saw Unkle Karl.

Guys. Might I just precede this story by reiterating that all I wanted from Fashion's Night Out this year was to see Karl Lagerfeld. I told everyone with ears and within earshot that I was "going to NYC to see Karl Lagerfeld". So, I get to the Chanel store on 5th Ave, and promptly ask every employee there if Karl would be coming. They all said no. Actually, it was more of a smarmy "MM, no, he's doing other things tonight" with a look equal parts annoyed and pitying.

So, I reluctantly left and my friend and I went over to Burberry for some champagne and shopping, and we were legitimately milling around, doing nothing. We finally left and walked out the store and I noticed a huge throng of people crushing around a white haired figure, and realized it was KARL LAGERFELD!! I walked out of Burberry at exactly the moment that his limo pulled up and he strode out into a crowd of admirers, dutifully shadowed by his broodingly handsome boyfriend du jour Baptiste Giabiconi. I hung up my cell phone on a friend and threw it into the road to snap some impromptu photos, which are not of the best quality but still go to show that I lived to see my hero, Karl Lagerfeld.

And in case you're wondering, he is actually less attractive in person, but not as old looking. And he emanates a palpable excellence.

I also saw Chris Benz, Karolina Kurkova, Jessica Szohr (who is SO breathtakingly stunning in person, although I don't think she looks any kind of pretty on Gossip Girl) and Dakota Fanning.

Kurkova and Benz doing Bingo at Saks (such a random string of words, oui?)
Charlotte Ronson at Saks

Benz and Szohr (wearing a Chris Benz dress)

Fanning and Szohr (notice she did an outfit change for her appearance at Prada with Dakota)

It was a great night, and I will definitely go back next season, although I will certainly plan better.

My check-list for next FNO:
A map with all the boutiques I need to visit clearly indicated and routes drawn up according to distance, traffic patterns, and length of travel.
A Metropass and a local to help me navigate
A dependable camera.
A credit card with no limit.
Fingerless gloves so Karl and I can have something to talk about.

A Dieu,


  1. aww how cool!! I'm so upset I missed this years FNO.. :-[ great pics!

  2. woa!!! cool pics. i love your blog too. I become a follower.

  3. Wow, Unkle Carl for real !


    See U !

  4. love karl! he's such an inspiring man.

  5. wow great pics! thanks for checking out my blog

    F <-- Texas gal bloggin fashion from NYC!


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