Fall is in the Air

Top : HM
Leggings : New York and Co
Boots : Delias from 10 years ago (!!)
Necklace  :Made it myself from a colletion of international coins
Hat : random

Today was the PERFECT Fall day. It was just cool enough to wear a light sweater and some fingerless gloves, inspired by my recent brush with Le Lagerfeld.

Fall just feels like such a relief - I cant wait to wear more leggings with tunics, tons of boots, my felt Marlboro-man hat, and layers! I wanna be the fashion equivalent of nachos - layered up and delicious. And fattening. But in a good weigh way.

Love you guys. I mean it.


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  1. LOVE those boots! I've been looking for the perfect pair of combat boots since forever but can't seem to find them anywhere.
    You look fab. :)

  2. Really cool boots! And I love your hat!


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