As a wise, pencil-thin, butter-blond jewish stylist once said, "DO YOU DIE?"

Faux-Fur Lined Capelet, $218.00, Apart
How wonderfully wonderful is this cape from And the best part is, it's FAUX! Yes, it's true, I support animal rights. I recently became FULLY vegetarian (before I was a Vegetarian minus chicken) and I have stopped buying leather products. It was something I have been thinking about for a while, but I recently heard a Temple Grandin interview on the radio (sidebar - How many awards did Claire Danes win for playing her on the HBO special this year??).

 Claire Danes as Temple Grandin

She is an autistic woman who fights for animal rights, especially for animals that are raised as food, and she said some pretty freaky stuff. I won't repeat here, because it's frankly gross, but let me just say that I won't be buying leather or fur anymore. For real!!! Well, I'll try.

It can be a real challenge to get high-quality, durable, nice-looking and nice-feeling clothing and shoes that are animal-friendly, but the thrill-of-the-chase is underrated. Anyway, before I get too preachy, here are some more views of this gorgeous, faux-fur cape.

ps - the above quote is from Rachel Zoe. Obviously.

pps - check out APARTSTYLE.COM for some really great, on-trend, affordable pieces! Can you say "studded sweaters?"


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