Sugar and Spice and Lace

Here's a sneak peek at some of the beautiful, ultra-feminine, pastel, sheer, breezy and lacy tops I have been buying lately. I bought the most recent one from a thrift shop here in Philly, and when I went to go hang it up I realized it looked a lot like 2 I already had. Well, at least Im consistent.

In other news, Im into thrifting as of like...5 minutes ago. Everything in the stores just feels and looks so cheaply made these why bother? And with thrift clothes, theres less of a risk of running into someone with the same exact thing, which has happened to me with every single one of my HM items. There's a whole world of thrift out there to discover, and its somewhat green, too!! And hey, all the other bloggers are doing it.

Well, without further ado -

Arden B., Thrifted, BCBG. Stay tuned for an outfit post!!


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  1. Wow, those tops are BEAUTIFUL!

    lucky you! :)



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