Victoria Beckham in Vogue Turkiye

Guys...sorry I've been legit MIA, I arrived in Turkey a week ago, and I've been busy bothering people who otherwise have stuff to do. The weddings coming up soon, and I've been trying on the dresses and tasting wedding cakes, but everything is under control thanks to my dude and his lovely parents who made all the arrangements!!

Anyway, I was in the supermarkey this morning and spotted the new Vogue Turkiye with Victoria B on the cover. Check it --

Pretty classic VB, with long hair and a slightly softer face, but lovely as ever!!

The photo shoot has the feel of a paparazzi-fueled glimpse into the glitterati-life of the rich and famous, which isn't a new concept by any means, especially not for Victoria Beckham, but again, lovely. Just not eart-shattering or groundbreaking, oui?

I didn't bring that many clothes here, so not many outfit posts, but Ill try my best to post more often. Hope everyone is doing really well!



  1. is this woman ever.. ever going to smile? just a tiny bit so we can all make sure shes not a robot? :P like the second pic though.

  2. must hear about the cake tastings.. tell me all that has been happening. loves you. -alex


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