Jourdan Dunn

I love these photos of Jourdan Dunn from Vogue's all-Black issue, "Black Spring". I know shes a "big deal" because shes a "black model", but I just love her because shes beautiful and enables photographs that have a ton of emotion and a lot going on under the glossy surface of beauty. You know what I mean?

Trivia - The London-born supermodel recently became a mommy at age 19, and in 2008 was the first black model to walk to Prada runway in 10 years.

So anyway, not to get all preachy, but - we should celebrate beauty and achievement no matter what the skin color! I wish one day, skin color would be a non-issue, like something that wasn't even relevant to mention or notice. Do you think that will ever happen? Although, I do recognize that there is a significant portion of the fashion-world that is underrepresented and they would like to open a page from a magazine and say "Hey that looks like me!" (or, "Hey, I wish I looked like that!"). Anyway, input please!!



  1. axou glykoula mou!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Eisai teleia!!!! molis eida to post pou ekanes gia to blog mou!!!! Ti kalh!!!! pragmatika suginh8hka!!! thanx thanx thanx!!!! :))))) ^_^ hihihi pou 8a paei 8a vrw tropo na sto antapodwsw! :)

  2. Not that you care to hear my opinion, but I think a figurative blindness to color might be possible, depending on where you live and the history of that place. I can pretty confidently say it will never happen in the U.S. though...unfortunately.


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