Black and Proud

Im (not) ashamed to say, I wear this dress as many as 4 days in a row. I love it. Its so effortless, comfortable, elegant, and simple. Im not a layers kind of girl - I was just looking at a blogger's outfit and she had all these layers and all these chains and chains on her shoes and rings on top of rings on her fingers - she looked awesome, but I just cant do it. Its not me! It would look too forced and wannabe trendy. So, I prefer wearing a simple dress and a single necklace and ring. (I made the latter two myself, let me know what you think!)

Necklace made with sheet brass, brass wire, and turquoise.

In the next picture, I'm wearing the dress in Tulum, Mexico, after a busy day of tanning, swimming, and cappuccino drinking.



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