The Mexican

Got this shirt from an old lady in Vera Cruz, who was bargaining UP with me, but I don't speak Spanish enough to know that for sure...I'm almost positive that when I asked her how much, she said 70 pesos, then said "Yeah, yeah, 100." Which is still like, under $10, so I didn't bother haggling. Plus, it was my dad's money, and I figured I'd spend it with blind fury and reckless abandon since he made me sit in the car for 8 days on a perilous road-trip to Mexico. (Loved it, Dad...!)

Here's the aforementioned shirt, worn with a ballet-inspired skirt from H&M and gorgeous wedges I bought in Milan from a store called Bagatt (methinks).


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  1. wow love the skirt very femine :) and i love that ring on the book on top of this post! :)
    thanks for sharing hun xo tobes
    keep in touch


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