Look at how cute (and also, kinda creepy!) this little ring from Verameat is!! It looks like a tiny little hobbit grasping onto your finger.
Mystery Hugs Ring, $68.00 for Silver, $250 for 14k Gold, $270 for Rose Gold

Here is the official description of the ring : 
Beautiful hands of our Lady Dino necklace, detailed lady claws want to hug your talons you lovely bird of prey* Adjustable to groove with you!

I just love how weird and quirky the names of each piece, the descriptions, and the designs themselves are! And better yet, many are made with recycled materials like silver and 14k gold. Some are totally random (almost ironically so, in the Hipster sense of the word), like a ring featuring a brain or a very detailed squid pendant. 

Check her out, and don't forget the importance of finger hugs from monsters.


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  1. That ring is so creepily cool, i love it!



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