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Just saw a strange French Video...Called "Accomplices" (Complices in Francais). It was good, but strange and sad. The lead actor totally made it worth it though. He reminded me of my fiance because he was kind of bad-ass looking but really sweet and protective.

Just thought I share the goodness with you guys for a little break from fashion, although I have a great new outfit post for tomorrow!!

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The movie was very strange indeed....I still don't know if I liked it or not, but it definitely made me think and is very much stuck in my mind. Basically, it starts out with the discovery of a body (Cyril's, unfortunately) and the cops working on the case unravel pieces of his life and discover that he was a gay prostitute who fell in love with a girl and she slowly gets sucked up into his world of prostitution but they stay very strong together, and then...something happens, which I won't say in case you want to watch.

Anyone seen any good movies lately?



  1. im checking this movie out, mainly cause the actor is cute hehe :P
    i saw "the road" yesterday and i loved it! it doesnt let you rest for a second and theres a lot of drama, its really good.

  2. I wanna see this ! the guy looks hot !



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