The Time I Made A Dress (Well. I Helped.)

While I was in Turkey in the Fall for a few months, I had plenty of time (I do mean plenty) to learn a bunch of new jewelry making techniques, do a lot of cooking, writing, reading, blogging, shopping, and pretending to try and learn Turkish, but secretly, passively teaching everyone else English. My boyfriend's mom spent a lot of time with me and taught me a lot of cool things, one of which was dress-making! We used a pattern from a German magazine that is apparently popular in Turkey, but I picked out the fabric and cut out the pieces and did a little bit of rough sewing. It turned out pretty cool, and I found something similar in a fashion glossy a few days later. Here it is:


Here are some Haute Couture versions (I say Versions, because clearly, designers like Prada and Nanette Lepore saw my dress and emulated it. Psh.)

Prada Fall RTW 2009

Nanette Lepore Fall 2010

Vogue Mexico Feb 2009

Dolce and Gabbana Spring 2008


  1. You dress turned out beautiful! It's even more fantastic because no one else owns a copy of it.

  2. You were talented student. It was pleasure for me.
    I developed my English a little bit thanks to you.:))

  3. You can't believe, but Im sewing a dress in these days too..ok, honestly, Im sewing two! :D We have many common things, counting sewing, passion for jewelry and boyfriends in the other side of world :DD
    You are very talented!

    btw, I could think you born somewhere in south, because of your dark features! Are you real American? :]]

  4. love the rich colors and textures.

  5. it was a really good result, your boyfriend's mom got talent! the dress is lovely, I just made two pieces of clothes and they weren't so that good..

  6. Wauw! Great outcome!

    How long did it take to make that dress?

    It looks great!


  7. great post! your dress is so pretty!


  8. Your dress is amazing...i especially love its deep dark shades. Great job there!


  9. beautiful dresses! thanks for sharing, as well as stopping by my site.

    following you now! xx

  10. That's great my mom and aunt are one of those Turkish ladies who likes to sew their own clothes too :))


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