Of LBD's, Tattoos, and the Sublime Sunday French Toast

Last Saturday my partner in crime (Susie.) and I went out. It was supposed to be a crazy night. We were supposed to meet up with like, 3 different groups of friends. We planned out our transportation, and it was still only 9:30PM. Figuring we had plenty of time, we decided to go get some drinks at my mom's microbrewery, Dock Street, in West Philly. So then, it's suddenly 11:30PM, I had called like 12 different cab companies and there was still no sign of a cab (except the one that these two UNgentlemanly UPenn kids jumped into and, regardless of us visibly waiting, and visibly freezing, didn't offer to share with us). So, just as this guy from the neighborhood, a man who rehabs houses and raises bees, offered to drive us to Center City, my mom happened to be leaving and we jumped into her car and she dropped us off downtown. So, at 24, I got dropped off at a bar by my mom. I should add that we didnt drive ourselves because we wanted to enjoy some libations.

Anyway, we tried to go to like 3 different places and there were ridiculous lines, or else someone would come out all disgruntled and complain about how crowded it was in there, so we settled upon going to this hipster bar that I vowed never to go to because they refuse to carry our beer (again, Dock Street), and the bartender gave us a bunch of free drinks and we got really wasted (especially Susie...hehe? I know you will read this.) and took a cab back, and I won't say the mini-drama that occurred afterward, but it only seemed right to go get a HUGE brunch the following morning (3pm). So here are pics of my outfit, and some before and after pictures of the Nutella-and-cream stuffed french toast and pumpkin pancakes that nursed us back to health and high fashion.

And FYI - I am very cool-ly posting on a Friday night because I'm sick! I have already made myself a turban-headband (Ill post that next, it's an easy and chic DIY), read Harper's Bazaar cover-to-cover, watched She's All That, and eaten half a quiche (yes. As in...half of a pie-sized quiche) that my mom made, and a huge plate of soy-nuggets, which I get from Trader Joes and I highly recommend. I'm running out of distractions!

So here's to going out on the weekends:

Brunch upon arrival

Brunch after 45 minutes. Hardly a dent. It took me until the next morning to finish my part of it!



  1. Love your dress! And the brunch looks yummy :)
    Nice blog too.

    Stace x


  2. i definetly need to purchace one of your rings! there so creative and diffrent!

    have a great evening,


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