Looks like we made it

Guys. After 8 days of driving (including one day of comatose resting in Vera Cruz and buying up lots of Mexican goodies (hint - embroidery, galore), me and my dad finally made it to Merida, Yucatan, Mexico!!! I can't believe it. Are we crazy to drive from Philadelphia to the Yucatan?? YES. But we did it and the adventures abounded, and I have so far managed to dodge any banditos or other such ne'er-do-wells. Ill be here until Tuesday morning, and then Ill get to post some of the great pics I took! Although let it be noted that out of the 8 days, I wore a dress ONCE for 4 hours, and a makeup ONCE for a day. So don't expect America's Next Top Model. But in the meantime, thought Id share some photos from Mac Photo Booth, taken in my dad's garden and foyer. His new digs are awesome!!! I cant believe hes going to living here...and Ill be visiting a ton.

Dress - Zara, Motorcycle Boots - Lucky, Scarf - street vendor in Vera Cruz (by the way, I bargained for it...and I hardly speak Spanish! Who's the man??) Hat - got it in Puerto Rico for my dad

More to come soon. Miss you guys!



  1. white looks cool

    nice outfit

    enjoy lady

    have a great day

  2. Have a nice trip, and safety way coming back home! :]

    btw, thanks for comment I follow you too!
    see you around!

  3. i like that you're wearing all white! it's very faeryish with the garden background! soooo in love with that hat too! cant wait to see the pics! road trips are so much fun! you should tell us about it on your next post! :D

  4. oh, im already following you btw :P


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