Colin's Jeans

My boyfriend just got a job (finally! After a very long search and tons of annoying nagging and unwanted suggestions from me, his mom, my mom, and other peoples moms around the world) as a finance manager for Colin's, a Turkish denim company. Think: American Eagle - just fun, casual, unpretentious but still on-trend jeans and tees, with the odd fur-lined puffy coat for good measure. I just came across their latest ad-campaign, and I think it's just very inspiring. The shots are really evocative of summer-lovin', old-school grunge and cross-country road trips on Route 66 (which kind of hits close to home, i.e. my recent crazy roadtrip to Mexique). Although Colin's is a Turkish company, this particular collection really represents American style and ideals - sex, drugs and rock and roll, to name a few. Oh, and somehow "Antiques" managed to get in as well. Hmm. So what do you think??

Anyway, I look forward to many years of free clothing.




  1. Nice campaign!
    I think noone can live without jeans :D
    I can have millions of them, and Im still not enough! :D

    see you!

  2. hey great stuff i like your photos cool

  3. what song is the title of this post from! i can remember yet im trying so hard!


  4. hello love! thanks for the comment on my blog :) the camera that i use is a Canon EOS Digital Rebel, I HIGHLY recommend it, great, high quality photos for dummies! The link is down the bottom of this comment...hope you come visit my blog again soon!!


  5. love it, so perfect

  6. i knew that title sounded familiar! ludacris use to be on of my favorite rappers!lol!

  7. ya to ur bf for getting a job - love these pics xxxxxxxxxxx


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