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Claudia Schiffer as Brigitte Bardot, Photo by Ellen Von Unwerth

Today started out as a yucky, rainy day here in Philadelphia - flash flood warnings, school closings, and traffic lights out all over the region. I could barely get out of bed this morning! Literally - it took me exactly 51 minutes to do so.

Anyway, the only thing that could possibly bring me out of these rainy Monday blues (besides my sidekick - a little cockapoo named Portia) is the prettiest, laciest, most expensive lingerie that money can buy - A girl can dream, right? I warn you, some of what you are about to see is the most explicitly luxurious, lavishly luscious, and disturbingly delicate lingerie you may never get to wear:

So here's to being a spoiled-rotten boudoir princess:


Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur - Black Swan Bodysuit, $490

Agent Provocateur - Melody Basque, $590

Agent Provocateur - Heloise Corset, hand-embellished with biker studs and 2 inch spikes, $4900

Nice n Girly:

Strumpet and Pink

Maidens Belt

Garden of Delights

Lady Hume's Blush


Dress Shirt

 Rosette Cheeks

 Swans Tail Front
 Swans Tail Back (image from Petit Coquette)

No one does nice quite like Strumpet and Pink. Founded by two artists, Lisa Z Morgan and Melanie Probet in 2002, Strumpet and Pink makes fine, handmade lingerie that is has been touted by Forbes as some of the most expensive lingerie money can buy. According to their official website, the focus is on "feeling rather than objectification", and pieces are not overtly sexy, but rather designed to make the wearer's sensuality come from within, from the femininity of the lingerie and the confidence that comes from that, rather that simply by looking sexy. The knickers also focus on physical feeling - the was the silk grazes the body, gentle coolness from the hand-embroidered pearls on some of the pieces. Each detail is truly a feast for the senses.

Some key words that the designers use to describe their collection are: beautiful, sensuous, humorous, naïve, sexual, confident and playful, all contradictions that come together to embody each Strumpet and Pink piece.

Oh yeah - these "knickers" start at around $330

Sweet Dreams!!

Photo Credits -
Opening Image - WeHeartIt
Naughty -Agent Provocateur 
Nice - Strumpet and Pink
Sultry - La Perla
Eco Friendly - Eco Boudoir
Futuristic - Bordelle


  1. Thanx for comenting!
    This post was great; some years ago I was thinking only in comfort when choosing underwear. But, OMG, either you're gonna show it or not, wearing this lingerie makes you feel much sexier! :)

    I follow, hope you'll do the same! :)

    xx, Chic and Chocolate.

  2. Nice blog! I loved the pics in here they're very inspirational ;)


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