I Feel Pretty-er - Lingerie Part Le Deux

Here is the second part of the Lingerie Post - it was too long for you busy bees, so I split it up into three parts. Patience is a virtue, especially since now it means three posts of these fine unmentionables.

 La Perla

Money Money Bustier, $485

Black Label Metal Garter Belt, Stainless Steel $620.00

La Perla Store in Milan

La Perla is a well-known luxury lingerie company that has been bringing the finest Italian tradition of lingerie and corset making to the boudoirs of thousands of lucky women (and probably a handful of dudes) since 1954, when it was founded by Italian Ada Masotti. The sexy name was inspired by the velvet case in which the first pieces from the initial collection were transported. Because a cardboard box would have been too...civilian. The company is now owned by San Francisco-based private equity firm JH Partners.

Eco Friendly:

Eco Boudoir


Eco Boudoir Wilderness Teddy, was $188, now $94 on Journelle

Eco Boudoir is a British company, worn by the likes of Jessica Alba, that creates eco friendly, organic, yet amazingly delicate and sensuous lingerie and nightwear. They use certified organic cotton and silk to make underwear that looks, fits, and feels great while being safe and gentle on your skin, not to mention the environment and the world's people - When working abroad, in the usual suspect-countries India and China, they make sure to support small communities of women rather than huge factories stuffed with underpaid, underage children like some of the bigger corporations. Silks are cultivated without using harmful chemicals, leaves and berries used are all from organic mulberry plants, and processes used involved super-natural ingredients like traditional nut soap, organic compost, sawdust and manure roots - No pesticides, fertilisers, bleaching or harmful finishing processes are involved. Printing and sewing is done in the UK and occasionally, when working with delicate materials like silk, by the suppliers. Bamboo is also utilized, and is highly appreciated for its natural anti-bacterial properties and is not only airy and breathable, but also biodegradable and needs no chemicals to grow.

You can learn more about the harmful ways that clothing and clothing production hurts the environment, and why eco-friendly clothing is so important on eco-boudoir's sister website, More Than Pretty Knickers .

This season (AW09) was inspired by the British Woodland, and SS10 will reflect somewhere hot and exotic.

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