How The West Was Won

I got this awesome new hat a few weeks ago at an undisclosed location (ahem...Im not at liberty to say, because this aforementioned place is rather unsavory, so lets just call this "vintage").

I wear it while driving, because for some reason, it seems to go with my little red Miata. Sometimes I wear it on the streets, and I always get compliments on it. I think people just aren't used to seeing non-baseball hats on anybody these days, especially not around Philadelphia, so it's nice to stand out in a somewhat positive way, for once :)

I'm kind of channeling a disco-cowboy, Call of the Wild, Legends of the Fall look here, with a spiky belt, silver bangles (it's actually all one bracelet!) and a tigers-eye necklace that I made myself! Ill have similar styles up soon on my etsy shop. And of course, a classic American Apparel v-neck tee, which I have been known to wear for days on end, including time spent sleeping. I'm also wearing TopShop trousers and DIY studded shoes, for good measure.

Anyway, what do you think? (And, as always, sorry for the sucky photo quality, I'm working on getting a new camera, but in the meantime Im stuck with this old, pink Kodak...)







  1. love the pants and the hat! cowgirl =D

  2. the outfit is put together stellarly (yes, yes i made that word up). the hair looks amazballs (new color?!). spot on with the legends of the fall reference (love that movie). call yours truly soon please bc i miss you! xx lex

  3. suchaaa fun outfit.
    love ittt!

    great style&&blog!


    check me out!


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