This weeks Most Wanted

I have been wanting a heart-shaped bag since last winter when I saw one at Bebe but it was over $100 and I didnt think it was worth it. I have honestly regretted that ever since, because I havent seen one as cute since then. It was perfect - it was a little bit larger than most evening bags, long chain strap, a bright dashing red, and if I remember correctly, some sparkles or jewels or something. But anyway, all in due time. So here are a couple heart bags I like now:, $55

I like this larger bag, and the leather looks pretty good.

This was on etsy, in shirleyworkshop's store. Looks like the inside is ceramic or something. $31

Judith Leiber, $2195

Topshop, $45. I think this is an older style since it is no longer available on the topshop website.

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Bolero. Ballin'.

Smythe Bolero, 100% Camel Hair outer, 100% Silk lining (in leopard print! I always like little "secrets" that really only the wearer knows about, like a leopard print lining. Its something special that the designers share with the buyer, and I like that!)

I saw it on the Calypso-Celle website here and on

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Swimwear in November? If you can have Christmas in July then why not?

I just finalized my Puerto Rico plans with my momma, this will be our first mother-daughter vacation (unless you count the Sicilian-German wedding on the ranch 80 miles outside of Austin, TX this past May). So I'm starting to think about bathing suits, and I just saw this heavenly GODLY bathing suit by Australian company Zimmerman. ( or's called the Papillion Cut Out, it comes in Black and Floral, Bikini or One-Piece, with the top or bottom cut-out design. Ch-ch-ch-check it out!

Here it is on a person, although in this case I think the model should have been curvier, more like a 50's silhouette, which is what the design is reminiscent of:


I think the lookbook does a really great job of not only displaying the clothes but depicting the lifestyle. The girls wearing Zimmerman look really fierce, in charge, sure of themselves, luxuriant - Alpha-Females. And I like the idea of a swimwear campaign at night. Its so not-obvious. Especially since this is more fashion swimwear rather than functional. (And imagine some of the tan lines!) Who wouldnt be attracted to that and want to buy these rather expensive pieces of lycra? (the bikini in question is $210, most are around that range)

If that doesn't fit your budget, or teeny-weeny bikinis aren't for you, Swimsuits for All (click here ---> Swimwear) has some great and affordable one-pieces and tankinis in plus sizes. Most come in a range of sizes from 8-16. I especially like the Beach Belle line, there are some really cute and kind of retro one-pieces in basic blacks, navys, florals and some surprising colors like coral and hot pink.

Twist Front Bandeau Swimdress in Black, $64

Twist Front Bandeau Swimdress in Coral, $29.98

Twist Front Bandeau Swimdress in Floral, $29.98

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My new favorite designer I cant afford

(pictures, respectively)

Found this designer (with a little guidance from Marie Claire, my new favorite magazine, thanks to Nina Garcia as fashion editor. I didnt even think I liked her, just based on her stint from Project Runway, but Marie Claire has gotten a billion times better, and Elle a teeny bit worse. Hmm.)

Anyway, Boudoir Dhuitres ( is designed by a 30 year old Californian-by-way-of-Ghana. The clothing is inspired by 17th century elegance and craftmanship, and a lot of attention goes into detail and just making clothing and the process of buying Boudoir D'huitre clothing an experience in and of itself.

She's only 3 collections deep right now, and you can clearly see the evolution of her designs and her talent. When I looked at the A/W 09 collection on the website, all I could say was WOW. WOOOWWW. One little comment though, I think the clothes are better and even FRESHER when she sticks to designing with the 17th century inspiration in mind. Some of the more "current" pieces, especially from the SS10 collection(like neon yellow leather pants) just dont seem as well-made and as thoughtful as the architectural, bodice-inspired dresses. (Note - this is no surprise, as she has a degree in Architecture from U of Cal.)

See what I mean about sticking to her original design concept? These are great pants and still innovative but no where near as breathtaking and inspiring as the other throwback pieces. What do you think?
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My favorite things (at this very second, subject to change. Rules and Restrictions May Apply, See Blog for Details)

Here are some of my very favorite things now, from website surfing and word of mouth.

Now, I was perusing, as I am wont to do, and saw this dress in their fashion section. It is being sold through their website, which is something new. Its $750 and they claim it is an investment that will be worn over and over again, but Im not so sure about that. Any thoughts? They also don't mention who the designer is, which I'd love to know.

OK shoes --- I'm loving Marais USA ( shoes. I really like that the collection is founded by two young women who went to Parsons together, modeled by their friends, and made for the most part with faux leather, lambskin, etc. I checked out the boots and some oxfords, and nothing was over $120. They also have a few flats and a platform maryjane. Really cool!

Chelsea Boot, Faux Nappa Leather, $120

And of course, they ARE based in Brooklyn, so the law of Supply and Demand dictates that they should have at least one Oxford. Theirs is beautifully simple, no frills, straight forward, and looks pretty comfy!

Oxford, Canvas with silk satin binding, $88

And the Piece du Resistance - United Nude shoes. ( had seen a pair in a store window in Venice a couple years ago, and took a picture with my cell phone. Then, not long ago, my friend Nicole Haddad of Lobo Mau Designs ( their website, and it was like a beautiful reunion! I am definately planning to get a pair, I just can't for the life of me pick one! They are all so strange and beautiful and strangely beautiful! And for such design and architecture, they are really not so expensive -

Ultra Mobius Mirror Patent Leather, $485

Cosmo Black Leather, $485

Block Hi $290

Fold Mid $225 (Made with a single elastic strip!! Are these people geniuses???)

Eamz Ankle Bootie in yellow, $325

I cant go on. Im speechless. That's enough for today kiddies!

Some of what I've been wearing

I would like to open by saying -- SOMEONE please buy me a new camera! Ok, a GOOD camera! There's so much I want to take pictures of and immortalize but my camera is too shitty and too grainy. And to be honest, I only bought it bc its pink! And no, I havent learned a lesson and yes I will continue to judge things by their covers. SO, Here's my brand new pink wool coat from Umit Unal here in Istanbul. (, great atelier, really friendly staff (maybe a little pushy with the "suggestions")and a great vibe to the place. I think the best way to decribe Umit Unal's atelier is a fashion fairy hideout. Its really earthy and natural (lots of white-washed wood, and at the entrance is a tree with a hundred little fabric ornaments hanging on the branches) and light and airy, very surreal. The coat is sleeveless, much to the chagrin of my momma, but its the most well made thing I own and well worth the big bucks.

I'm currently channeling "Parisian Socialite" as my fashin inspiration right now, and I've been wearing this awesome skirt from HM - it is such a great shade of pink and softens up otherwise hard-looking pieces. I wore the skirt monday with a black turtleneck and tuesday with an American Apparel (or should I say THE American Apparel) tee, that everyone should own at least one of and a Calvin Klein blazer.(I added the military style buttons, courtesy of my grandma's button collection).


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