Once you go black, you never go back

You know what is on my mind, dear readers, and of some concern to me? Black clothing. When I shop, I'm attracted to the brights - hot pink, electric blue, pergomot, tangerine, but when I get to the register with my Betty Boop Visa card, I usually end upbuying something black, and that is what I have been opting when I get dressed each day. Tights, Shoes, Skirts, Tops, Hats. Ceiling to floor, head to toe. I had the chance to help style some racks at Paula Hian in Manayunk this past weekend, and what do you think ended up on there? Black, plus a couple of cream pieces for good measure. But you get the point.

And as an avid lover of all things fashion, this kind of...bothers me. I love color! The world needs color! My very favorite dresses are a lime green BCBG number and a magenta ruffly dress from shopnastygal.com, but lately I have been pairing them with black sweaters and strong-shouldered blazers that are multiplying faster than bunny rabbits in all the stores and blogs. What gives? Is it the recession? People are spending less money on luxuries like clothing, and when they do drop some hard-earned dough on new threads, perhaps they (and I, and come on, admite it - you too) want something that is sure to match a lot of other items they already own, like one of those "10 Ways to Wear it" articles from Cosmo.

But if your going to go with trusty old black, make it something that is innovative, creative, attention-grabbing AND cutting edge. Something that makes a statement - nay, screams - Im Here, Im Black, and Im no ordinary LBD honey!

Anyway, here are some images from a few current collections that as avant-garde as can be.

1.) Alexander Wang Zebra Boatneck Dress, rayon/metallic. $554

2.) Alexander Wang Oil Slick Cardigan, poly-acrylic, wool, polyamide, mohair. $650

3.) Lima Feu Acrylic, Wool and Alpaca Sweater-Coat, $230

4.) Kris Van Assche Side Stitched Trousers in Black, Wool with glossy finish, $972

I think these are particularly cool because, Yeah, they are black boots, but they are an innovation, an updated version of the standard normal black boot with mixed materials that really makes them more attractive and more special. They really stand out in a world of black boots, no?

5.) Esquivel Monica Boot in Black, Leather and suede upper with wood sole, $858

Another update on a standard - the black tote. Mixing leather and suede, plus the gothic crosses and the edgy chain straps really make this modern and eye-catching.

6.) J Dauphin Leather and Suede bag, $487 (on sale from $748)

7, 8.) Annhagen, Blouse, 100% silk with fringe overlay, $1365

And, if you are anything like this girl (points to self) you will want to find the look for less, so here's some futuristic black pieces from Forever21 and beyond to tide you over until this wintery recession blows over and the dawn of a spring of spending stimulus comes to cast a new light over us.

9.) Forever21.com Feather-Trim Skirt, Cotton, Polyester, Nylon, Spandex and feathers. $28

10.) Forever 21 Polyester and Spandex Skirt with Sequins, $19.80

Am I crazy to like this? Let me know...

11.) Forever 21 Feather Trimmed Capelet with Jeweled Brooch, $39

12.) Top on shopnastygal.com (Couldn't find the actual top, it was being shown with the skirt and the collar, but I assume they have sold it or will sell it on their website at some point)

Close-up, just because the top is truly spectacular.


14.) Aryn K Polyester blouse with harness-inspired cutouts at bodice and back, $78

15.) Caged-In Dress by Funktional, Rayon/Poly/Spandex Blend, $98 on shopnastygal.com

16.) Caged-In Dress by Funktional, Rayon/Poly/Spandex Blend, $98 on shopnastygal.com

17.) Backstage Sheer Equation Tunic Dress, Rayon-Poly Blend, $154.00 on shopnastygal.com

18.)BCBG Zip-Front Wool/Polyester/Viscose Poncho, $248

So get out there and make Black the new Black!

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Images 1-8
Images 9 - 11
Images 12-17
Image 18

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