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Here are some of my very favorite things now, from website surfing and word of mouth.

Now, I was perusing, as I am wont to do, and saw this dress in their fashion section. It is being sold through their website, which is something new. Its $750 and they claim it is an investment that will be worn over and over again, but Im not so sure about that. Any thoughts? They also don't mention who the designer is, which I'd love to know.

OK shoes --- I'm loving Marais USA ( shoes. I really like that the collection is founded by two young women who went to Parsons together, modeled by their friends, and made for the most part with faux leather, lambskin, etc. I checked out the boots and some oxfords, and nothing was over $120. They also have a few flats and a platform maryjane. Really cool!

Chelsea Boot, Faux Nappa Leather, $120

And of course, they ARE based in Brooklyn, so the law of Supply and Demand dictates that they should have at least one Oxford. Theirs is beautifully simple, no frills, straight forward, and looks pretty comfy!

Oxford, Canvas with silk satin binding, $88

And the Piece du Resistance - United Nude shoes. ( had seen a pair in a store window in Venice a couple years ago, and took a picture with my cell phone. Then, not long ago, my friend Nicole Haddad of Lobo Mau Designs ( their website, and it was like a beautiful reunion! I am definately planning to get a pair, I just can't for the life of me pick one! They are all so strange and beautiful and strangely beautiful! And for such design and architecture, they are really not so expensive -

Ultra Mobius Mirror Patent Leather, $485

Cosmo Black Leather, $485

Block Hi $290

Fold Mid $225 (Made with a single elastic strip!! Are these people geniuses???)

Eamz Ankle Bootie in yellow, $325

I cant go on. Im speechless. That's enough for today kiddies!


  1. The United Nude shoes are incredible. I heard they just opened a store in Amsterdam. When do you think they will open one up in California?

  2. Im not sure, they are certainly not sold in very many places. Its great that you can buy directly from the website though, but Im always wary of overseas shipping and customs and all that. (One day Ill tell you the story of the time I tried to mail home my winter jackets and suede boots from Italy, and what was actually shipped in their place...)

    Do you think that United Nude would do well in California? Im not too sure that it would...thoughts?


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