ElevenParis : The Paris Paris Sweatshirt

Sweatshirt, ElevenParis; Skirt, Kate Spade Saturday; Beanie, Sandro Paris; Sunglasses, Make My D in Montmartre, Paris; Shoes, R2 by Report

I tend to really wear my heart on my sleeve, and the city of lights is definitely in my heart. 

While this look isn't what one immediately thinks of when they think of French style (I think most people immediately think Ines de la Fressange) this outfit is made up of (mostly) pieces from French labels, like ElevenParis' classically cut, tres fresh ParisParis sweatshirt. 

With style icons like Kate Moss and Wiz Khalifa fronting their campaigns, ElevenParis has definitely become synonymous with both celeb's devil-may-care brand of total and complete coolThen, the punkish girlishness of the Kate Spade Saturday plaid skirt (hello, Cher Horiwitz!) centers the look and offers up just a glimmer of feminity.


Black and Gold: A Holiday Party Look

Black and gold is quintessentially holiday. It's festive, wearable, and ultra-luxe, which makes it easy to slip into knit and wool separates but still look (and feel) like I'm wearing a cocktail dress! Admittedly, I've already worn this to three events in three different cities, and it's not even Thanksgiving yet. #Intervention.

The top is a loose knit with gold painted on, and the skirt is a vintage wool wrap skirt that my grandmother shipped to me a few years ago. Normally, UPS leaves my packages at the office, but for some reason they delivered it right to my apartment door. I was all dressed and ready to go to work when I opened the door to head out and saw a parcel waiting for me. I quickly opened it up, loved it, and immediately changed before heading out. It was the most perfect coincidence, and, I'll admit, having my outfit delivered kinda sorta made me feel like a celebrity. 


NYC City Guide, Downtown In Three Stops

64 West 10th Street, New York, NY
(photo, Noah Sheldon via NYMag)

My friends and I have been doing Saturday night dinners at Alta for years - it’s a must when I’m in town! The menu is centered around tapas, so there’s no having to choose between your top omigod-I-can’t-live-without-this choices - order ‘em all! By now we have ordering down to a science: We get Mediterranean staples like calamari, marinated olives, fried goat cheese and mussels, plus a couple wild-card items and a bottle (or two) of red wine. Just as delicious as the food is Alta’s warmly sensual ambiance, a cross between a Spanish courtyard and medieval, Princess Bride-like decor. Balconies on the second floor frame an iron chandelier that lies at the heart of the eatery, overlooking a beautifully tiled main dining room with a roaring fire. Most of my best nights in NYC have started with a feast at Alta, but beware - you’ll never want to leave! Maybe just one more glass of wine...

96 Avenue C, New York, NY
ph: 646.422.7103.

Come for the twelve taps and countless bottles of hard-to-find craft beers and stick around because you met some seriously awesome people at the big communal table. The compact menu of hearty, non-fussy haute bar snacks makes a pretty compelling case for itself, too. Cheese, meat, and pickle plates and sandwiches (hello, PB&Jalapenos!) are the perfect accompaniments to malty, hoppy libations from breweries like Ommegang, Great Divide, and others you won’t be able to pronounce, but will enjoy just the same.

436 E 9th St, New York, NY 10009

Good luck making a trip here just a quick visit. You’ll love spending time perusing the jewelry - a mix of new, vintage, costume, and handmade treasures like matchstick bangles from Monserat de Lucca and Lotta Djossou’s bird and snake cuffs. Then, there’s the clothes. Vintage pieces from the likes of YSL, Chanel, Bill Blass, and Versace mingle on racks with new pieces like lingerie from Suki Cohen. Prepare to bump elbows with stylists, PYTs, and serious collectors.

See more in NYC must-stops in the BooHoo City Guide.

(Special thanks to Lexi and Susie, two of my BFF's who always take me to the most divine places in their neighborhoods.)


Joules Quilted Plaid Jacket

Every year, right around this time I start to get just a little more British. 

As soon as there's the slightest chill in the air, I begin binge-watching BBC series on Netflix (current vibes: Call the Midwife - too good!!), fantasizing about the annual Thanksgiving fox hunt my family and I tailgate in Pennsylvania (no animals harmed, don't worry!), and drinking a lot more tea. So, my introduction to Joules could not have come at a better time! 

The UK outfitters have been around for nearly three decades, crafting clothing ranges for men, women and children that embody the classic Brit aesthetic. Now, luckily for us, they've just hopped across the pond and have landed stateside, so before the holidays are in full swing, be sure to stock up on cozy sweaters, rugged-chic boots, and baby clothes so cute you could just eat them up.

I'll be living in my new quilted jacket from Joules, which has so many extra details that I discover something new every time I wear it, like a beautifully printed lining, courderoy pocket patches, and my favorite little wink, the vintage-inspired fox button on the collar. When the weather dips below freezing, I've also found that this wears wonderfully under thicker coats, too.

Black jeans, Sold Denim at Bloomingdales.
Wedge heels, Report.

Shot at Harvard University, Cambridge, MA.

And...some more favorites:

I can't picture my winter without these mahvelous sweaters, darling!


9-5 Chic Goes Off-Duty

New job, new wardrobe! I've been working as a freelance writer and UX consultant for the past couple years (among other fashion-related odd-jobs) but on my birthday last week, I finally settled in to a chic new 9-5 job in fashion - my first office job, ever. Better late than never, but I can definitely say that working on my own and managing my own schedule, booking gigs, and meeting deadlines has prepped me for almost any challenge.

So of course, first things first - since working in my pajamas for most of the day (I confess...!) is no longer on the table, I needed new swag that would hold its own in a super-chic setting, but not be a job in and of itself to wear. And, I needed clothes that worked hard for the money Mon-Fri, but can hang on weekends for urban exploration and late lunches with my BFF.  Where would any self-respecting, style-savvy 20-something turn first - J Crew, of course!

I made a beeline to the nearest outpost for some structural, mix-and-matchable pieces for work, and fell in lust with this roomy coat in navy blue. The wool is warm and weather-resistant (and now, Boston-tested!) but still manages to drape beautifully, even with its vintage-inspired, boxier silhouette.

Next stop: Ann Taylor. (What, did you think I would be a work-wear amateur? As if.)

Although I don't always gravitate towards basics, when I do, I always look for an extra point of interest and some edge-appeal. This silky white tee is accented with faux leather sleeves and a leather patch pocket, and the drawstring pants has a faux leather waistband that ever-so-chicly nods to boxing apparel - just the edge that I was looking for!

The shoes, that look a lot like these and these United Nudes, are from a small shop in Oaxaca, Mexico - a gift from my mom when she was there for a business trip. She gets me so well...

The Bostonista and I took to Harvard Yard for this blog shoot. It's one of the most beautiful places, and is filled with good juju and brainy vibes. And, the occasional Karlie Kloss siting. 



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